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JustOn Bank Payments



JustOn Bank Payments is a Salesforce app that directly integrates Salesforce CRM with European banks. Using the secure, EBICS compliant connection, businesses can both retrieve payment information and transfer it to their Salesforce org, as well as upload relevant payment information.

Users will be able to match the retrieved information with orders, invoices or other statements that involve payments, and prepare payment orders to be uploaded. Broadly speaking, JustOn Bank Payments helps reconcile accounting records.


Prior to using JustOn Bank Payments, your business must enter into a (usually chargeable) contract on the intended data access with your bank. The contract must specify, among others, the users who work with the software and the relevant bank accounts.

Please consider the specifics and conditions summarized in Before You Start.

Solution Outline

Setting up and working with JustOn Bank Payments comprises, in broad strokes, the following tasks:


(1) You enter into a contract on the intended data access with your bank. The contract must specify, among others, the users who are to work with the software and the bank accounts with which the users are to exchange data. From a technical perspective, you subscribe to an EBICS compliant service for exchanging payment information. Hence you may be referred to as the subscriber, with your bank as the other contract party.

(2) You install JustOn Bank Payments in your Salesforce org and configure it according to your requirements.

(3) Once set up, you add the bank access configurations – providing your individual credentials as specified as part of the agreement with your bank.

(4) New bank accesses must be validated: You generate your public subscriber keys and send them to your bank for verification. In return, the bank creates public bank keys, which you must confirm. Once the keys are validated, the bank access is actually usable – the relevant user can access the specified bank accounts.

(5) You fetch bank statements from the verified bank account.

(6) You prepare payment orders based on entries, which represent a payable amount of money, and upload them to your bank.

Documentation Overview

Before You Start

    Adding Bank Access
    Validating Keys
    Configuring Business Entity

    Retrieving Bank Data
    Storing SEPA Mandates
    Creating Direct Debit Orders

    Installing JustOn Bank Payments
    Enabling App Access

    App Overview
    Important App Concepts
    SEPA Direct Debit

Release Notes