Concepts Overview

payment_app_intro JustOn Cash Management is a Salesforce app that integrates Salesforce CRM with European banks and payment service providers. The app allows you to trigger payments and track payment information related to your business with customers.

You will be able to prepare and execute payment operations based on your orders, invoices or other statements that involve payments or payouts, as well as to retrieve information on processed payments and to associate it with the corresponding accounts receivable or accounts payable. Broadly speaking, JustOn Cash Management helps reconcile accounts.


For details about banking-related operating specifics and conditions, see Banking Preconditions. For an onboarding checklist, see How-To: Integrating With Banks.

Conceptual Areas

JustOn Cash Management covers three major conceptual and functional areas:



Orders, invoices, credit notes or other statements usually involve payments or payouts. In this sense, they represent your accounts receivable and accounts payable. JustOn Cash Management summarizes these receivables and payables as entries. Basically, the business operations are centered around these records – you manage entries, trigger payments based on entries, settle entries, etc.

For details, see Receivables/Payables Concepts.


You process the relevant payments or payouts via a payment provider or a bank account. JustOn Cash Management tracks the actual money transfer and its status using payment records.

For details, see Payments/Payouts Concepts.


To settle accounts, you need to relate entries with payments – enter entry items. The association takes place via a known reference or involves a matching operation.

For details, see Settlement Concepts.

Accessing JustOn Cash Management

Generally, you can access JustOn Cash Management's functionality using the provided apps or via its API.

App Overview

From a technical perspective, JustOn Cash Management provides two Salesforce apps:

Lightning Experience App Cash Management
The Lightning Experience App Cash Management provides standard Salesforce tabs and detail pages for accessing the related data records.
Connected Canvas App JustOn Payments Connected

The Connected Canvas App JustOn Payments Connected enables users to connect to their bank or payment provider and to exchange transaction data.

For the proper operation of the Connected Canvas App JustOn Payments Connected, users must use a web browser that allows third-party cookies, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Generally, the Salesforce apps act as the "user interface" of JustOn Cash Management and control the data management. Significant parts of the business logic and the connections to the banks or payment providers, however, run on the Heroku-based platform – which also exposes the API.


API Access

JustOn Cash Management exposes an API. It allows to invoke certain functionality remotely from external systems.

Using the API, operators can integrate JustOn Cash Management in their own applications, portals, etc. – without relying on the provided user interface. Note, however, that the Salesforce apps are still required for the data management.