JustOn Cash Management API

JustOn Cash Management exposes an API, which allows to invoke certain functionality remotely from external systems. Using the API, operators can integrate JustOn Cash Management in their own applications, portals, etc. – without relying on the provided user interface. Note, however, that the Salesforce app is still required for the data management.

Example integration scenario

Think of the following simple integration scenario:

(1) A business operates a web shop, customer portal or another application for users to place orders.

(2) The web shop's or portal's checkout page triggers the JustOn Cash Management API to create an entry and to return a link to the payment page.

(3) The checkout page then redirects the user to the payment page.

(4) The user executes the payment using the payment page – leveraging JustOn Cash Management's built-in payment features and PSP integration.



The API is available via

where :tenant represents your organization and :resource specifies the API resource.

Find the API documentation here.


Resource Description
entry-link Creates an entry record with the specified amount and a payment link for this entry, returns the payment link. Supports additional parameters, for example, redirect URLs (see API documentation).
refund Initiates a refund for the payment associated with this payment link