JustOn Cash Management Upgrade

This document summarizes configuration tasks to do manually in order to complete upgrades from earlier versions of JustOn Cash Management to a recent release.

If you bundle JustOn permission sets in permission set groups, always make sure their status is Updated. This indicates that the bundled permissions are up-to-date.

Upgrade From Required Task
< 1.29 If no longer needed, remove the deprecated fields JPAY1__AssignedAmount__c from the Payment object as well as JPAY1__LastCaptureAmount__c and JPAY1__LastSuccessfulCaptureAmount__c from the Payment Instrument object.
< 1.28 Add the value Payment Id matched to the Matching Result picklist of the Payment object in order to make the payment matching operational (see Enabling Payment Matching Results).
< 1.25 Optionally, add the fields Cumulated Charges, Effective Amount, Instructed Amount, Transaction Amount to the page layout of the Bank Statement Item object (see Enabling Chargeback Information Display).
< 1.24 Add the value FindEntryByCustomField to the Template picklist of the Matching Configuration object manually in order to enable the new matching configuration type (see Enabling Matching Configuration Search Templates).
Optionally, add the fields SEPA Direct Debit Batch Booking, SEPA Credit Transfer Batch Booking and Initial Payment Status to the page layout of the Bank Account object (see Enabling SEPA Batch Booking Control).
< 1.23 Enable the access to the Global Configuration dialog (see Enabling Global Configuration Access).
Optionally, add the button Settle Automatically to the Bank Statement Item list view manually (see Enabling Settlement From Bank Statement Items).
< 1.22 Optionally, add the payment provider types Adyen and JustonTestPayments to the Type picklist of the Payment Provider object (see Enabling Payment Provider Types).
< 1.21 Optionally, add the field Status Details to the page layout of the Payment object.
< 1.19 Add the status Canceled to the Status picklist of the Payment object in order to make the payment cancellation operational (see Enabling Payment Statuses).
< 1.18 Add the button EBICS Credit Transfer to the Entry list view (see Enabling Credit Transfer).
< 1.17 Deactivate the validation rule PaymentID_CheckBlanks on the payment object (see Activate Validation Rules in the Salesforce Help).