Operation Overview

JustOn Cash Management: Functional areas

JustOn Cash Management integrates your Salesforce org with your bank or payment service provider in order to exchange payment information. It covers three major conceptual and functional areas:


Orders, invoices, credit notes or other statements usually involve payments or payouts. In this sense, they represent your accounts receivable and accounts payable. JustOn Cash Management summarizes these receivables and payables as entries. Basically, the business operations are centered around these records – you manage entries, trigger payments based on entries, settle entries, etc.

You process the relevant payments or payouts via a payment provider or a bank account. JustOn Cash Management tracks the actual money transfer and its status using payment records.

To settle accounts, you need to relate entries with payments – enter entry items. The association takes place via a known reference or involves a matching operation.

Managing Entries

Retrieving Entries
Canceling Entries

Managing Payments

Using Direct Debit
    Workflow Overview
    Storing SEPA Mandates
    Creating Direct Debit Orders

Using Credit Transfer
    Workflow Overview
    Creating Credit Transfer Orders     Creating Credit Transfer Orders From Refunds

Using Payment Provider Integration
    Manually Creating Payment Link

Managing Refunds
    Handling PSP-Initiated Refunds

Managing Settlements

Assigning Payments to Entries
    Retrieving Bank Data
    Starting Automatic Settlement on Bank Statement Items
    Manually Settling Individual Entries