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Using JustOn Bank Payments

JustOn Bank Payments integrates your Salesforce org with your bank in order to exchange payment information.


Make sure that JustOn Bank Payments is installed, configured and initialized appropriately in your org.

Adding Bank Access

Before actually retrieving banking transactions, you must add the relevant bank access configuration to JustOn Bank Payments.


The bank accounts from which a user wants to fetch banking transactions must be subject to a corresponding contract with your bank. In this context, your bank provides the partner ID and the user ID, which are required for configuring the bank access.

  1. On the Manage tab, click Add New Bank Access.
  2. Provide a descriptive name.
  3. Specify the bank access information.

    The required information includes:

    • Bank

      Banks are enabled by JustOn. If your bank is not listed, file a ticket in the JustOn Support Portal requesting to add the bank.

    • Partner ID, to be provided by your bank

    • User ID, to be provided by your bank

    Adding bank access information

  4. Click Continue.

    This adds the new bank access configuration as Pending and initiates the generation of your public subscriber keys. Once completed, you are prompted to download the initialization letter.

    Downloading initialization letter with your public subscriber keys

  5. Click Download.

    This opens the dialog for saving the initialization letter to your computer.


    Clicking Cancel closes this dialog without prompting you to download the initialization letter. You can, however, still download the initialization letter through clicking Initialization Letter on the pending bank access.

  6. Print the letter, sign it and send it to your bank.

    The bank will verify your public subscriber keys. In the EBICS context, this procedure is referred to as subscriber initialization.

Validating Keys

After your bank has verified the generated public subscriber keys for your bank access and returned the confirmation letter, you can proceed to validate the submitted public bank keys.

  1. On the pending bank access, click Validate.

    This fetches the public bank keys from your bank.

  2. Compare the displayed keys with those in the confirmation letter.


    Make sure that the displayed public bank keys are identical to those in the confirmation letter received from your bank. If the keys differ, contact your bank.

    Be aware that any inconsistencies may indicate fraud or abuse.

  3. If the information matches, select the confirmation checkbox.

    Displaying public bank keys for comparison

  4. Click Validate.

    This completes the bank access validation, making the involved bank accounts ready for data retrieval.

Retrieving Bank Data

You can retrieve banking transactions from the bank accounts subject to a specific bank access in the status Ready for a specific period.

  1. Click Retrieve statements on the relevant bank access.
  2. Define the period for which you want to retrieve the transactions.

    If you leave the start date empty, the retrieval starts with the first available transaction.

    If you leave the end date empty, the current date is used by default.

    Configuring bank statement retrieval

  3. Click Continue.

    This retrieves the banking transactions for the bank accounts subject to the current bank access and the specified period from the bank.

    Bank statement retrieval confirmation


    Clicking Continue again takes you to the downloaded bank statements on the Bank Statements tab.