Canceling Entries

As a result of certain business use cases, some payment requests may no longer be justified – like, for example, when canceling an invoice or changing a payment plan. Consequently, the corresponding entries must be canceled.

Depending on the integration of JustOn Cash Management with your Salesforce org, the way to cancel entries may differ. A tight integration may provide for an automatic cancellation, or users can cancel entries manually.

To cancel an entry manually:

Make sure that the entry cancellation is enabled. For details, see Enabling Entry Cancellation.

  1. Open the entry to be canceled.
  2. Click Cancel.
  3. Provide the relevant cancellation information.

    • Cancellation Reason: The reason why the entry is being canceled (mandatory)
    • Cancellation No: A unique number that identifies the originating cancellation record (optional)
    • Cancellation CBS: The way how to deal with free amounts of money on the debtor's account, use this to override the default credit balance strategy defined for your org and business entity (optional)
  4. Click Next, then Confirm to confirm and start the operation.

    This cancels the current entry and reverses any payment associations. For details, see Cancellation.

    Clicking Finish closes the dialog.


For consistency reasons, make sure to cancel any related statements in other systems as well.