Compliance and Maintenance

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries is part of JustOn's software family for liquidity management, built on trust and security.


JustOn software, including JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries, runs as integrated application on Salesforce Platform, the cloud-based platform for software development and operation from Salesforce. As JustOn software is developed using the features provided by Salesforce Platform, it is completely integrated in this environment with respect to security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.

Salesforce Platform is subject to comprehensive compliance audits. Therefore, it verifiably complies with multiple certifications, standards and regulations, see Compliance | Salesforce Services and Additional Services.

In order to be distributed and operated on these certified platforms, JustOn software, including JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries, must undergo regular security reviews. The Salesforce security reviews test the security of the software, including how well it protects customer data. So you can be sure: as long as the JustOn software is available on Salesforce AppExchange, it has successfully passed the security reviews and fully complies with the platform's security guidelines.

Data Processing

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries is developed and operates using the features provided by Salesforce Platform. It is therefore completely integrated in this environment with respect to security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.

Operational View

From an operational perspective, there are two main players:

The organization that uses Salesforce CRM and integrated 3rd party apps (like JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries) to run their business – that is, you or your company
Salesforce CRM and any 3rd party app (like JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries), which handles data, acting exclusively upon instructions of the operator

With respect to the data processing, note that

  • The operator is the only party responsible for all data generated or produced or processed by them or using the software, including personal data,
  • JustOn GmbH merely serves as an enabler of tools and features, and has no access to the operator's environment and installed software, nor does it process any of the data produced using them.


JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries does not interfere with Salesforce Platform's support for the main GDPR principles: the right to be forgotten, data portability, consent, restriction of processing, transparency, accountability and security.

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries does not track or collect user data, nor does it use cookies or other internet technologies to keep track of interactions with the software.

Technical View

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries runs as integrated application on Salesforce Platform and calls the ClariLab API, which, in turn, accesses the SCHUFA to retrieve the requested data.


JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries on Salesforce Platform

The data management and user interaction take place on the Salesforce Platform. For this purpose, JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries is installed in the operator's Salesforce environment.

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries introduces additional database tables and user interfaces into the operator's environment. The operator explicitly authorizes users they choose to access the software and the produced data.

The installation is done in the operator's own, closed Salesforce environment to which JustOn has no access.

ClariLab API and SCHUFA

In order to retrieve the requested data, JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries makes use of the ClariLab API, the "gateway" for accessing SCHUFA data. Via the ClariLab API, the requested data is retrieved from SCHUFA. The result is returned to the Salesforce environment under the permissions of the user who called the process.

Data exchanged with SCHUFA
  • B2C customers

    • name, first name, name at birth
    • birth date
    • sex
  • B2B customers

    • company name, legal form
    • address, website
    • register court
    • foundation date
    • equity
    • register number
    • VAT ID
    • insolvency application date
    • monitoring period
  • bank account data (IBAN, BIC)

  • inquiry date and time
  • legitimate interest (inquiry reason)
  • credit limit
  • risk quota
  • score

Software Maintenance

Salesforce updates Salesforce Platform three times per year (Spring, Summer and Winter releases). All updates are applied automatically in a timely and seamless manner. This way, Salesforce always guarantees a current, secure environment for integrated applications like the JustOn software.

JustOn software, including JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries, is also continuously updated. Continuous development, update and bug fixing are essential to the legally permissible operation of invoicing, payment or accounting-relevant applications and make sure that the software can be adjusted to changing legal regulations about data protection or tax-relevant data, providing for a seamless and safe operation.

Operators that use JustOn software are responsible for updating the software used to access JustOn software (operating system, web browser, PDF viewer).