JIRA Connection

API Name: JiraConnection__c

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Batch Size BatchSize__c Number(4, 0) The maximum number of worklogs to process per queueable. Defaults to 1000 (JIRA maximum page size).
Shift Date/Time by Hours HourShift__c Number(17, 1) Imported Date/Time values are shifted by n hours (positive and negative values allowed). This is useful to correct Date/Time values, when there is a Timezone mismatch between JIRA and Salesforce.
Last Delete Refresh LastDeleteRefresh__c DateTime The timestamp of the last worklog refresh (deleted) for this JIRA connection.
Last Upsert Refresh LastUpsertRefresh__c DateTime The timestamp of the last worklog refresh (new and updated) for this JIRA connection.
Worklog Source WorklogSource__c Text(255) The source for worklogs: JIRA, TEMPO. Defaults to JIRA if left empty.