Account Metric

API Name: AccountMetric__c

Holds historicized amounts for recurring and transactional items in order to allow MRR reporting.

Label API Name Type Description
# Name AutoNumber
Account Account__c MasterDetail(Account) The related account. The record will be deleted, if the account is deleted.
Actual Actual__c Currency(16, 2) The actual amount of this metric.
Change Change__c Currency(16, 2) The change of the MRR based on the previous MRR.
Churn Rate (Gross) ChurnRateGross__c Percent(16, 2) The gross churn rate is the ratio between churn and actual.
Churn Rate (Net) ChurnRateNet__c Percent(16, 2) The net churn rate is the ratio between change and actual.
Churn Churn__c Currency(16, 2) The absolute churn, if the change is negative.
Date Date__c Date The effective date of this metric, depends on the kind of change (add/subtract) and the service period/next invoice date of the item.
Expansion Expansion__c Currency(16, 2) The absolute expansion, if the change is positive.
Growth Rate GrowthRate__c Percent(16, 2) The growth rate is the ratio between change and previous.
Initial Initial__c Currency(16, 2) Holds the initial MRR value. Only filled at the first metric of an item.
Is Latest IsLatest__c Checkbox Flags the latest metric record for this particular item.
Item Criterion ItemCriterion__c Text(255) The criterion in case of aggregated items.
Items Items__c Text(255) Comma separated list of items in case of an aggregated record.
Next Metric NextMetric__c Lookup(AccountMetric__c) A link to the next metric record, which superseeds this one.
Previous Metric PreviousMetric__c Lookup(AccountMetric__c) A link to the previous metric record, which got superseeded by this one.
Previous Previous__c Currency(16, 2) Holds the MRR value of the previous metric record.
Retention Rate RetentionRate__c Percent(16, 2) The retention rate is defined as the opposite of the gross churn rate. The sum of both is always 100%.
Smooth Change SmoothChange__c Currency(16, 2) Smoothes the changes of directly following metrics (one day apart) to avoid drops/spikes in charts.
Subscription Subscription__c Lookup(Subscription__c) The first related subscription.
Subscriptions Subscriptions__c LongTextArea(800) Comma separated list of subscriptions in case of an aggregated record.