Booking Detail

API Name: BookingDetail__c

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text
Absolute Amount AbsoluteAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The absolute value of the amount. This should be used in conjunction with the debit/credit flag.
Account Name AccountName__c Text(255) The name of the related account. The value is taken from the invoice.
G/L Account Number AccountNo__c Text(255) The General Ledger account number.
Account Rule AccountRule__c Text(255) The name of the G/L or Collective Account rule which has been applied. This can be used in the booking text as a placeholder in order to further describe the booking detail.
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The Account where this Detail is related to.
Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) The accumulated amount for the GL Account or Tax Rate.
BIC BIC__c Text(11) The BIC of the bank account data (IBAN/Owner).
Balance Balance__c Lookup(Balance__c) The Balance where this Detail is related to.
Bank Account Id BankAccountId__c Text(255) The internal bank account id of the payment provider.
Bank Account Owner BankAccountOwner__c Text(255) The owner name of the bank account (IBAN/BIC).
Billing City BillingCity__c Text(255) The billing city of the invoice.
Billing Practice BillingPractice__c Text(255) Defines the billing practice for recurring items. Possible values: Empty or 'Advance': This means that items are billed as soon as possible. 'Arrears': This means that items are billed as late as possible.
Booking Date BookingDate__c Date The date, where this detail should be booked.
Booking Period BookingPeriod__c MasterDetail(BookingPeriod__c) The related Booking Period.
Booking Periods BookingPeriods__c LongTextArea(1024) Contains the list of the original booking periods (for aggregated booking details).
Booking Text BookingText__c Text(255) The booking text in human readable format. Typically created from the booking text custom setting and placeholders.
Business Partner Account Number BpAccountNo__c Text(255) The attribute bpAccountNo contains the account number of the business partner.
Center Split Percentage CenterSplitPercentage__c Percent(3, 5) Holds the percentage of this booking detail with regard to the center split.
Center Center__c Text(255) The cost center or profit center for this booking detail.
Clearing Reason ClearingReason__c Text(255) The reason why the balance has been cleared.
Collective Account Rule CollectiveAccountRule__c Text(255) Represents the category of the Collective Account this Booking Detail was assigned to. Technical field, direct manipulation by the user is highly discouraged.
Contra Account Booking Detail ContraAccountBookingDetail__c Lookup(BookingDetail__c) Link to the related debitor booking detail which are created when the global setting "Separate Booking Details" is activated and BPAccountNo is set.
Cost Object CostObject__c Text(255) The cost object for this booking detail.
Credit Credit__c Currency(16, 2) Contains a value, if the amount is considered a credit (positive value).
Debit/Credit Flag DebitCreditFlag__c Text Flags the absolute amount either as debit (S) or credit (H).
Debit Debit__c Currency(16, 2) Contains a value, if the amount is considered a debit (negative value).
Export Destination ExportDestination__c Text(255) The destination where this detail has been exported.
Exported Exported__c Checkbox Will be set after a successful export.
IBAN IBAN__c Text(34) The IBAN of the bank account data (BIC/Owner).
Invoice Line Items InvoiceLineItems__c LongTextArea(1024) Contains a list of line items which were used to build this booking detail.
Invoice No InvoiceNo__c Text The number of the associated invoice.
Invoice Invoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) The related invoice for this booking detail.
Is Gross IsGross__c Checkbox Determines whether the amount is a gross value.
Is Preliminary IsPreliminary__c Checkbox Determines whether the booking detail is preliminary, e.g. has been created for invoicing in arrears.
Last Error LastError__c Text(255) The last error that occurred while trying to export this booking detail.
Original Booking Date OriginalBookingDate__c Date The date of the original booking. May differ from the booking date in case of booking period shifts.
Payment Date PaymentDate__c Date The date of the original payment balance. This might differ from the booking date if the booking detail has been moved to a new period.
Payment Hash PaymentHash__c Text(64) Used for balance export - do not edit!
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Text(255) Specifies the payment provider (like Paypal, Stripe, CyberSource, Payeezy).
Region Region__c Text(255) The economic region, e.g. EU, EMEA.
Reversal Reversal__c Checkbox Specifies whether this booking detail has been reversed by or has reversed another booking detail.
Serialized Origin SerializedOrigin__c LongTextArea(32768) The serialized origin booking detail for a split.
Split Origin Booking Detail SplitOriginBookingDetail__c Text(255) Id of the original booking detail, after splitting.
Subscription Items SubscriptionItems__c LongTextArea(1024) Contains a list of subscription item Ids which were used to build this booking detail.
Subscription Subscription__c Lookup(Subscription__c) The related subscription for this booking detail.
Tax Base Amount TaxBaseAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The base amount from which the amount on a tax booking detail was calculated.
Tax Code TaxCode__c Text(255) The tax code of the applied tax rule.
Tax Rate TaxRate__c Percent(3, 5) The tax rate of the source invoice line item.
Tax Rule TaxRule__c Text(255) The tax rule of the source invoice line item.
Business Entity Tenant__c Text The Business Entity of the related Booking Period.
Type Type__c Picklist The type will be set automatically during creation.
Picklist values: Payment, Revenue, Tax, Deferred, Refund, Prepayment, Payout, Contra Account, Dunning Income
VAT Id VATId__c Text(255) The value added tax number of the client.
Write Off Reason WriteOffReason__c Text(255) The reason why the balance has been written off.