Business Entity

API Name: Tenant__c

Define information that are relevant for a company or business entity, e.g. the invoice sender information. These settings can be used via placeholders in templates.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
BIC BIC__c Text(11) The BIC (SWIFT) code.
Bank Account BankAccount__c Text(255) The bank account number.
Bank Code BankCode__c Text(255) The Bank Code (BLZ) of the business entity.
Certifications Certifications__c Text(255) Comma separated list of valid certifications (like NF203). If available, the corresponding certification string is displayed on the invoice PDF.
City City__c Text(40) The city code of the business entity.
Company Company__c Text(255) The Name of the Company
Counter Counter__c Text(255) The counter name for all invoices of this business entity. This takes precedence over the counter definition at the template.
Country Code CountryCode__c Text(10) The country code of the business entity.
Country Country__c Text(40) The country of the business entity.
Credit BIC CreditBIC__c Text(11) Optional BIC (SWIFT) code for SEPA credits.
Credit IBAN CreditIBAN__c Text(34) Optional IBAN code for SEPA credits.
Default Default__c Checkbox Defines the default business entity.
E-Invoice Format EInvoiceFormat__c Text(255) Specifies the target format for E-Invoices. Currently, only "Peppol BIS Billing UBL" and "XRechnung UBL" are being supported.
E-Invoice Sender Address EInvoiceSenderAddress__c Text(255) The electronic sender address for e-invoices.
E-Invoice Sender Scheme Id EInvoiceSenderSchemeId__c Text(255) The identification scheme identifier of the electronic sender address.
Email Sender EmailSender__c Email Define an email sending address. It needs to be added as Organization-Wide Email Address as well.
IBAN IBAN__c Text(34) The IBAN code.
Management Management__c Text(255) The CEO of the subsidiary.
Member Id MemberId__c Text(5) ABI Code of the Bank
Organisation Identification OrganisationIdentification__c Text(35) ISO 20022 Organisation Identification. For some banks this mandatory.
Phone Phone__c Phone The phone number of the business entity.
PostalCode PostalCode__c Text(20) The postal code of the subsidiary.
SEPA Creditor ID SEPACreditorID__c Text(35) Each biller in SEPA will be identified with a creditor identifier. This identifier, in connection with the mandate reference, allows the payer and the payer’s bank to verify each SEPA direct debit and to process or reject the direct debit according to the payer’s instructions. Billers will have to request this identifier according to local practice.
Scheme Name Code SchemeNameCode__c Text(255) ISO 20022 Scheme Name Code. This is related to the Organization Identification and for some banks mandatory. Values are for example 'BANK' or 'CUST'.
State Code StateCode__c Text(10) The state code of the business entity.
State State__c Text(255) The state of the business entity.
Street Street__c Text(255) The street and house number of the business entity.
Tax ID TaxID__c Text(255) The VAT ID or Tax ID of the business entity.
Tax Provider TaxProvider__c Text(255) Name of the service used to determine taxes, e.g. Internal or AvaTax.
Template Template__c Text(255) Name or Id of the Template which should be used for this Business Entity.