Currency Mappings

API Name: CurrencyMapping__c

Map an ISO currency strings to currency symbols, e.g. EUR - €.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Currency Sign CurrencySign__c Text(5) The Currency Symbol this setting maps to.
Activate Rounding RoundingDifference__c Checkbox This field controls whether or not a rounding difference should be applied to the grand total of invoices in this currency.
Rounding Method RoundingMethod__c Text(128) The method used for rounding the grand total of invoices. Available values: NONE, FLOOR, CEILING, DOWN, UP, HALF_DOWN, HALF_UP, HALF_DOWN_ZERO, HALF_UP_ZERO, HALF_EVEN.
Rounding Precision RoundingPrecision__c Number(13, 5) Controls the precision for the rounding difference. Example with dollars: 0.05 will round to 5 cents, 1.00 will round to whole dollars etc.