Dunning Levels

API Name: DunningLevels__c

Configure Dunning Levels

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Condition Condition__c Text(255) Define a custom SOQL condition as to which invoices this dunning level applies. If empty, the system will use the following default condition: DaysOverdue__c >= :gracePeriod AND (DunningLevel__c = null OR DunningLevel__c < :level)
Create Notification Tasks CreateNotificationTasks__c Text(255) Specify the object at which the task should be created. Allowed values are Dunning, Invoice, Account or empty. If empty, then no task will be created.
Days Overdue Field DaysOverdueField__c Text(255) Defines a source field which specifies the number of days by which the invoice is overdue.
Debt Collection Agency DebtCollectionAgency__c Text(255) The name of the debt collection agency for further processing. When there is already a debt collection agency set on an invoice, it will take precedence over this configuration.
Do Not Send DoNotSend__c Checkbox Prevents dunning statements of this dunning level from being sent by email.
Dunning Due DunningDue__c Number(3, 0) The due terms of the dunning in days. Defaults to zero if left empty.
Dunning Fee DunningFee__c Currency(16, 2) The dunning fee: it will be added as a separate item to the dunning record (always calculated without tax).
Dunning Level DunningLevel__c Number(18, 0) The dunning level defines, which invoices are in the scope of this setting.
Exclude Invoice PDF Exclude_Invoice_PDF__c Checkbox
Grace Period GracePeriod__c Number(18, 0) The number of days after the payment due.
Deprecated IVAPercentage__c Percent(13, 5) Deprecated
Include Standard Condition IncludeStandardCondition__c Checkbox If checked, the resulting condition is a conjunction of the standard condition and the one defined at the dunning level.
Late Fee Rate LateFeeRate__c Percent(3, 3) Defines the monthly interest rate for calculating the late fees for invoices.