Export Settings

API Name: ExportInvoiceSettings__c

Define export settings for invoices and booking details.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Active Active__c Checkbox If active, this export setting will be used during the invoice export.
Allowed Currencies AllowedCurrencies__c Text(255) Holds a comma separated list of ISO currencies which are allowed for exporting ISO 20022 XML formats.
SEPA: Booking per Transaction BookingPerTransaction__c Checkbox If set, use booking per transaction and disable batch booking for SEPA XML.
CUC CUC__c Text(35) Corporate Banking Customer Unique Code
Configuration Configuration__c Text(18) The Id of a configuration Document in JSON-Format. Only valid in combination with the format 'Invoice CSV'.
Create Payments CreatePayments__c Checkbox If checked, payments will be created for this export setting. This value defines the default setting on the export page.
CSV: Decimal Separator DecimalSeparator__c Text(1)
CSV: File Header FileHeader__c Text(255) The first line of the generated file (e.g. the column names of a csv file).
Format Format__c Text(255) The export format. Values are CSV, Invoice CSV, XML CDD and XML CCT. Defaults to CSV if empty.
Payment Reference PaymentReference__c Text(255) Fallback reference to be used for SEPA payments. May contain placeholders.
CSV: Record Template RecordTemplate__c Text(255) The template for the exported record. Use Placeholders for the Invoice fields.
Select Condition SelectCondition__c Text(255) The condition to constrain the selection of invoices. (in SQOL Syntax e.g. "Type__c = 'Invoice' AND Status__c = 'Open'")
ISO20022: Service Level Code ServiceLevelCode__c Text(255) If left empty this defaults to 'SEPA'. Ask your bank wich code is required.
Deprecated Source__c Text(1)
Target Target__c Text(255) The name of the File Distribution where the resulting file should be added. The system will link it with the current user when left blank. This can be used to upload exported files to Amazon S3 or Google Drive.
Use ASCII Encoding Scheme UseASCIIEncoding__c Checkbox If checked, non ASCII characters are replaced with a dot.