File Distribution

API Name: PdfFolder__c

Define file distribution targets.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Active Active__c Checkbox The folder will only be used, if this is checked.
Backend Backend__c Text(255) The Backend for this folder. Possible values: Invoice, Account, GoogleDrive, AmazonS3, Folder
Draft Folder DraftFolder__c Checkbox This folder will only store draft invoices.
Link on Invoice LinkOnInvoice__c Checkbox Save a link to a PDF in this folder to the Invoice.
Path Path__c Text(255) Required for the Folder backend. Defines the path as "ContentWorkspace/ContentFolder/ContentFolder/.."
Pdf Name PdfName__c Text(255) The filename of the PDF. Can contain placeholders. The default is "[InvoiceDate]_[InvoiceNo]_[AccountName]".
Print Folder PrintFolder__c Checkbox Only Invoices with 'Print Invoice' checked will be stored in this folder.
Select Condition SelectCondition__c Text(255) A condition to constrain the selection of invoices that are copied to this folder (in SQOL Syntax e.g. "GrandTotal__c > 0").
Use Case UseCase__c Text(255) Define the purpose of this Folder e.g. InvoicePDF, Export. Will default to InvoicePDF if left empty.