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API Name: Filter__c

Filters containing SOQL WHERE clauses that allow the customization of certain processes in bill.ON e.g. the Invoice Run.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Child Relation ChildRelation__c Text(255) The name of child relation, in oder to query child records. (Subscription Builder only)
Condition Condition__c TextArea The condition describing the logic of this filter in the format of a SOQL WHERE clause, e.g. "StartDate__c <= 2013-12-11". If left empty, matches all records of the specified type.
Sequence Sequence__c Number(18, 0) The position of this filter in Filter picklists.
Target Target__c Text(255) The API name of the sObject that is targeted by this filter.
Transactional Suffix TransactionalSuffix__c Text(5) This is used to convert records multiple times for the transaction builder, continuous/generic invoice run. Control fields must end with this suffix for this filter.
Use Case UseCase__c Text(255) To use this filter for the Subscription builder: valid values are "New", "Reorder", "Upgrade". To use this filter for Transaction building: valid values are "Transaction", "Continuous". For the generic subscription builder use "SubscriptionBuilder". And for the Generic Invoice Run use "Generic".