IVA Levels

API Name: IVALevel__c

Configure Individual Value Adjustment Levels for Invoices.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Condition Condition__c Text(255) Define a custom SOQL condition as to which invoices this IVA level applies. If empty, the system will use the following default condition: DaysOverdue__c >= :gracePeriod AND (IVALevel__c = null OR IVALevel__c < :level)
Days Overdue Field DaysOverdueField__c Text(255) Defines a source field which specifies the number of days by which the invoice is overdue. When empty defaults to DaysOverdue__c
Grace Period GracePeriod__c Number(18, 0) The number of days after the payment due.
IVA Percentage IVAPercentage__c Percent(13, 5) The percentage for the creation of an IVA (Individual Value Adjustment) booking detail when the current IVA level is applied.
Include Standard Condition IncludeStandardCondition__c Checkbox If checked, the resulting condition is a conjunction of the standard condition and the one defined at the IVA level.