Invoice Export History

API Name: InvoiceExportHistory__c

Label API Name Type Description
# Name AutoNumber
Balance Created BalanceCreated__c Checkbox This is checked, when a balance has been created during export.
Export Format ExportFormat__c Text(255) The export format as defined at the export setting.
Export Setting ExportSetting__c Text(255) The name of the export setting.
Exported at ExportedAt__c DateTime The export timestamp.
File Name FileName__c Text(255) The name of the export file.
File URL FileUrl__c Url The link to the export file.
Forced Export ForcedExport__c Checkbox The field is marked if an additional export has been performed by the user and in effect overwriting a one-time export requirement.
Invoice Invoice__c MasterDetail(Invoice__c) The related invoice for this export.
Locked Locked__c Checkbox A record is marked as locked, if the export setting allows only one export (mark as exported).
Next Payment Due Date Changed NextPaymentDueDateChanged__c Checkbox This is true for linked installment invoices where the next payment due date has advanced and the next installment may be due.
Next Payment Due Date NextPaymentDueDate__c Date The effective payment due date of the invoice during the export.