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Object Storage Configuration

API Name: ObjectStorageConfiguration__c

Holds the configurations for different types of archive jobs.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Condition Condition__c TextArea You can set conditions to archive objects more specific.
Date Field DateField__c Text(255) Archiving objects needs to be done in pieces. This field shows the system which field is the basis to get objects for a day, month, or specific time frame.
Delete After Archive DeleteAfterArchive__c Checkbox If set to true, all archived objects will be removed from your org.
Sync Type SyncType__c Text(255) There are two possible values 'store' and 'restore'. Store archives objects into the object storage. Restore pulls the archived objects from the object storage and recreates them in the org.
Target Target__c Text(255) Class of objects to archive.