API Name: Payment__c

The payment object is used to store the payment receipts for invoices or refunds for credits.

Label API Name Type Description
Payment Name Name AutoNumber
Account No. AccountNo__c Text(255) Shows the primary account number (PAN) for credit card payments or the buyer ID for PayPal payments.
Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the received amount for invoice payments or the paid amount for refunds.
Callout Message CalloutMessage__c LongTextArea(32768) Shows the message sent by the payment provider in case of an error.
Currency Currency__c Text(3) Shows the ISO currency code for the amount. If empty, the system takes the invoice currency.
Date Date__c Date Shows the due date of this payment.
Export Date ExportDate__c Date Shows the date on which the payment has been exported.
Export File ExportFile__c Text(255) Shows the file to which the payment has been exported.
Financial Institution FinancialInstitution__c Text(80) Shows the financial institution that executes the transfer, like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.
Invoice Invoice__c MasterDetail(Invoice__c) Shows the invoice to which the payment relates.
Open Payment Amount OpenPaymentAmount__c Number(16, 2) Specifies the amount due for this installment payment.
Payment Date PaymentDate__c Date Shows the date on which the payment has been received.
Payment Fees PaymentFees__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the payment fees as charged by the payment provider.
Payment PaymentLink__c Text Produces a clickable link to the payment page
Payment Method PaymentMethod__c Picklist
Picklist values: Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Paypal, Credit, Manual
Payment Page URL Error PaymentPageUrlError__c LongTextArea(4096) Shows errors produced when creating the payment page URL
Payment Page URL PaymentPageUrl__c Url Specifies the link to the payment page exposed by JustOn Cash Management
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Picklist Shows the third-party payment provider used for the payment, like PayPal, Wirecard.
Picklist values: Wirecard, Paypal
Payment Status PaymentStatus__c Picklist Specifies the installment payment status, either Open for money due or Paid for completely settled amounts.
Picklist values: Open, Paid
Rate Rate__c Percent(16, 2) Shows the rate of this installment in relation to the grand total of the invoice.
Received Payment Amount ReceivedPaymentAmount__c Currency(16, 2) Specifies the amount received for this installment payment.
Reference Reference__c Text(255)
Related Line Item RelatedLineItem__c Lookup(InvoiceLineItem__c) Shows the line item that is related to this payment, e.g., the settlement line item that corresponds to this payment.
Related Payment RelatedPayment__c Lookup(Payment__c) Shows the original payment for a refund.
Sequence Sequence__c Number(18, 0) Determines the position of this payment item.
Service Period End ServicePeriodEnd__c Date End of the service period that this installment represents.
Service Period Start ServicePeriodStart__c Date Start of the service period that this Installment represents.
Status Status__c Picklist Shows the payment status as returned by the payment provider, possible values include New, Pending, Authorized, Canceled, Invalid, Received, Refunded.
Picklist values: New, Pending, Authorized, Canceled, Invalid, Received, Refunded
Title Title__c Text(255) Specifies a name for payments of the type Installment.
Transaction No. TransactionNo__c Text(255) Shows a unique number for identifying the transaction as returned by the payment provider. Can be used for refunds.
Type Type__c Picklist Specifies the payment type, which is used to describe the purpose of this payment.
Picklist values: Installment