Payment Entry

API Name: PaymentEntry__c

A payment entry represents the record of a bank statement.

Label API Name Type Description
# Name AutoNumber
Bank Account Id BankAccountId__c Text(255) When working with banks, this is the IBAN. When working with PSPs, this is another, internal ID.
Booking Date BookingDate__c Date The date when the payment has been transferred.
Chargeback Fee ChargebackFee__c Currency(15, 3) The chargeback fee (converted, if necessary) for chargebacks. If either this value or the original payment amount is available, JustOn creates a chargeback fee balance.
Credit Credit__c Currency(13, 5)
Customer Name CustomerName__c Text(255) Name of the payer or payee.
Debit Debit__c Currency(13, 5)
Direct Debit Mandate Reference DirectDebitMandateReference__c Text(35) The unique reference key for the direct debit mandate as assigned by the creditor. The maximum length is 35 characters, and the allowed characters include A-Z a-z 0-9 / - ? : ( ) . , ‘ + and spaces.
External Transaction Id ExternalTransactionId__c Text(255) Shows a unique transaction id for identifying the transaction as returned by the payment provider.
Foreign Amount ForeignAmount__c Number(13, 5) The payment entry amount in another currency
Foreign Conversion Rate ForeignConversionRate__c Number(12, 6) The conversion rate for converting the payment amount to the foreign amount. (Foreign Amount = Rate × Payment Amount)
Foreign Currency Code ForeignCurrencyCode__c Text(3) The currency code of the foreign amount.
Info Info__c Text(255) If this payment entry has been created with a CSV file import, this shows the name of the original CSV file.
Invoice Invoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) Shows the invoice to which the payment entry relates.
Is Chargeback IsChargeback__c Checkbox Makes this payment entry a chargeback. Set automatically on matching. If set manually before matching, this bypasses the automatic payment/chargeback detection.
IsDeleted IsDeleted__c Checkbox Is set if the corresponding bank transaction has been deleted by the payment provider.
Last Error LastError__c Text(255) Shows the last error that has occurred while trying to process this payment entry.
Last Matching Result LastMatchingResult__c Text(255) Shows the result of the last matching batch job. Displays a list of matched invoice numbers.
Original Payment Amount OriginalPaymentAmount__c Currency(13, 5) The original payment amount (converted, if necessary) for chargebacks or failed transactions. If either this value or the chargeback fee is available, JustOn creates a chargeback fee balance.
Payment Amount PaymentAmount__c Currency(16, 2)
Payment Method PaymentMethod__c Picklist Shows the payment method, like Credit Card, Direct Debit, etc.
Picklist values: Credit Card, Direct Debit
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Picklist Shows the third-party payment provider used for this payment entry.
Picklist values: Paymill
Provider Specific Data ProviderSpecificData__c LongTextArea(32768) Shows specific data of the third-party payment provider.
Reference Reference__c Text(255) Specifies additional information related to the payment (like customer ID, transaction number) for a bank statement as well as for matching the payment entry with balances and invoices.
Status Status__c Picklist Shows the status of the matching batch process: New = no match (default), Matched = matches found, Converted = Payments were created.
Picklist values: New, Matched, Converted, Transferred, Canceled
Subscription Subscription__c Lookup(Subscription__c) Shows the subscription to which the payment entry relates.
Transaction No. TransactionNo__c Text(255) Shows a unique number for identifying the transaction as returned by the payment provider.