Peppol Notification

API Name: PeppolNotification__c

Stores messages sent by the Peppol network informing about the status of a sent E-Invoice.

Label API Name Type Description
Peppol Notification Name Name Text
Invoice Invoice__c MasterDetail(Invoice__c) The associated invoice.
Is Final IsFinal__c Checkbox If set to true, no further actions are taken and no further notifications are expected.
Message Message__c Text(255) Contains the message of the notification.
Raw Notification RawNotification__c LongTextArea(32768)
Stage Stage__c Picklist Holds the stage of the Peppol pipeline, where a notification has been created.
Picklist values: Validation, Conversion, Transmission, Reception
Timestamp Timestamp__c Text(255) The time of the notification in ISO-like date-time format.
Type Type__c Picklist Contains the kind of the notification.
Picklist values: Stage-Update, Stage-Success, Error