Sales Order Line Item

API Name: SalesOrderLineItem__c

An item to a sales order. Holds the information for an order position.

Label API Name Type Description
No. Name AutoNumber
Applied Tax Rule AppliedTaxRule__c Text(255) The tax rule identified as applicable for this detail.
Description Description__c LongTextArea(32768) The long description for the sales order item.
Discount Discount__c Percent(3, 2) It stores the actually applied discount as a percentage.
Item Item__c Lookup(Item__c) The item that is ordered.
Product Group ProductGroup__c Text(255) The product group of this sales order line item.
Quantity Quantity__c Number(13, 5) The quantity for this sales order line item.
Sales Order SalesOrder__c MasterDetail(SalesOrder__c) The sales order to which this item belongs.
Status Status__c Picklist The status of this order line item, e.g. New, Delivered, Invoiced.
Picklist values: New, Delivered, Invoiced
Tax Rate TaxRate__c Percent(3, 5) The tax rate that applies to this order detail as defined via tax rules. Can be manually overwritten.
Title Title__c Text(255) The title or name of a product.
Unit Price UnitPrice__c Currency(13, 5) The net or gross price (depending on the type of invoice) of one unit of this item.
Unit Unit__c Picklist The unit associated with this Item.
Picklist values: pc, h