Statement Detail

API Name: DunningDetail__c

The statement detail holds information about the invoices to which the dunning refers, the balances of an account and dunning fees. Statement details are in a master-detail relationship to a Statement.

Label API Name Type Description
No. Name AutoNumber
Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the amount of the dunning detail.
Balance Difference BalanceDifference__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the difference between the grand total and the balance of the related invoice.
Balance Balance__c Lookup(Balance__c) Shows the corresponding balance of this dunning detail.
Days Overdue DaysOverdue__c Number(18, 0) The number of days by which the related invoice is overdue with respect to its payment due date.
Description Description__c LongTextArea(32768) The long description for this dunning detail.
Dunning Amount DunningAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The dunning amount shows the sum of the open amount, previous flat fees and the late fee of the related invoice, or a flat dunning fee.
Dunning Dunning__c MasterDetail(Dunning__c) The dunning to which this dunning detail relates.
Grand Total GrandTotal__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the grand total of the related invoice.
Invoice Invoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) Shows the invoice to which this dunning detail is related.
Late Fee LateFee__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the calculated late fee.
Payment Due Date PaymentDueDate__c Date The date until which the amount of the related invoice is to be payed.
Payment Due PaymentDue__c Number(3, 0) The payment due period of the related invoice in days.
Previous Fees PreviousFees__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the sum of all previous dunning fees of this particular invoice.
Rate Rate__c Percent(3, 3) The monthly interest rate (in percent) used to calculate the dunning fee.
Sequence Sequence__c Number(18, 0) Determines the position of this dunning detail in the dunning detail table.
Serialized Balance SerializedBalance__c LongTextArea(32768) The serialized balance is set, when this detail is built. It is used to support the account statement run batch.
Status Status__c Text The main dunning status, either Draft or Closed.
Title Title__c Text(255) Specifies the name or short description of the dunning detail.
Type Type__c Picklist Specifies the dunning detail type, e.g., Dunning, Dunning Fees.
Picklist values: Dunning, Dunning Fee, Balance, Balance Sum