API Name: Subscription__c

The subscription object represents the billing plan for the contracted chargeable consumption of products and/or services.

Label API Name Type Description
Subscription Name Name Text
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The account to which this subscription directly relates.
Aggregation Period AggregationPeriod__c Picklist The maximum period over which transactions are aggregated.
Picklist values: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly
Auto-Renewal AutoRenewal__c Picklist Defines the number of days or months to extend the subscription, setting up the subscription for automatic renewal.
Picklist values: 1d, 7d, 14d, 21d, 30d, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 36m, 48m
Balance Assignment Key BalanceAssignmentKey__c Text(255)
Bank Account Owner BankAccountOwner__c Text(255) The name of the owner of this bank account. Defaults to the account name if empty.
Bank Account BankAccount__c Text(34) The bank account number (IBAN) of the invoice recipient.
Bank Code BankCode__c Text(11) The bank code (BIC) of the invoice recipient.
Billing Period BillingPeriod__c Number(2, 0) Specifies the cycle (time in months) after which the subscription is included in the invoice run.
Cancellation Date CancelationDate__c Date Defines the cancellation date for a subscription.
Cancellation Terms CancelationTerm__c Picklist Defines the cancellation period in days or months for a subscription. If empty, defaults to 0.
Picklist values: 1d, 7d, 14d, 21d, 30d, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m
Contact Contact__c Lookup(Contact) Overrides the invoice contact as determined from a contact role.
Direct Debit Mandate Granted DirectDebitMandateGranted__c Date The date on which the direct debit mandate has been granted.
Direct Debit Mandate Reference DirectDebitMandateReference__c Text(35) Each mandate must contain a unique mandate reference assigned by the creditor. At a maximum length of 35 characters, the number chosen will depend on the capabilities of the mandate database used, and whether the mandates are issued for each contract individually or are instead consolidated per customer. Often, companies use existing customer numbers or contract numbers. Possible characters are A-Z a-z 0-9 / - ? : ( ) . , ‘ + and spaces.
Direct Debit Sequence Type DirectDebitSequenceType__c Picklist First: First direct debit transaction in a series Recurrent: Recurrent direct debit transaction in a series.
Picklist values: First, Recurrent
Discount Payment Due DiscountPaymentDue__c Number(3, 0) The time in days after which the discounted payment is due.
Discount Rate DiscountRate__c Percent(2, 1) The discount rate (percentage value), which is the calculation base for all discount fields.
Display Transaction Tables DisplayTransactionTables__c Checkbox Specifies whether to display the transaction tables on the invoice PDF.
Email BCC EmailBCC__c LongTextArea(1000) Overrides the invoice email BCC as determined from a contact role.
Email Invoice EmailInvoiceActive__c Checkbox Determines whether resulting invoices are to be sent via email.
Email CC EmailInvoiceCc__c LongTextArea(1000) Overrides the invoice email CC as determined from a contact role.
Email Contact EmailInvoice__c Lookup(Contact) Overrides the invoice email contact and address as determined from a contact role.
End Date EndDate__c Date The date until which this subscription is valid.
Ignore Invoice Criterion IgnoreInvoiceCriterion__c Checkbox If checked, the invoice criterion is ignored, and the invoice line items are not grouped and distributed to multiple invoices.
Initial MRR InitalMRR__c SUM(Metric__c.Initial__c) Provides the sum of initial values from subscription metrics amounts.
Installment Type InstallmentType__c Picklist Specifies the name of the installment (custom setting).
Picklist values: Default
Invoice Payment Method InvoicePaymentMethod__c Picklist Specifies the preferred payment method to be used for invoices created from this subscription.
Picklist values: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Paypal, Cash
Last Error LastError__c LongTextArea(1024) Shows the last error that has occurred for this subscription during the invoice run.
Last Invoice Run LastInvoiceRun__c Lookup(InvoiceRun__c) Shows the last invoice run that has processed this subscription.
Last MRR Update LastMRRUpdate__c Date The date when the MRR fields have been updated the last time.
Legal Account Name LegalAccountName__c Text(255) If specified, is copied as the account name for the invoice during the invoice run.
Legal City LegalCity__c Text(40) If specified, is copied as the billing city for the invoice during the invoice run.
Legal Country LegalCountry__c Text(80) If specified, is copied as the billing country for the invoice during the invoice run.
Legal Postal Code LegalPostalCode__c Text(20) If specified, is copied as the billing postal code for the invoice during the invoice run.
Legal State LegalState__c Text(80) If specified, is copied as the billing state for the invoice during the invoice run.
Legal Street LegalStreet__c Text(255) If specified, is copied as the billing street for the invoice during the invoice run.
Next Invoice NextInvoice__c Date Shows the minimum value of the next billing dates of active items.
Payment Cycle Period PaymentCyclePeriod__c Picklist Defines the interval (time in months) between two installments.
Picklist values: 1m, 2m, 3m, 6m, 12m, 24m
Payment Cycles PaymentCycles__c Number(2, 0) The number of installments into which the invoice amount is split, e.g., a yearly invoice is divided into 12 monthly payments.
Payment Due Condition PaymentDueCondition__c Picklist The condition for calculating the payment due period. Its format is "xd EoM y", where x = add x days, EoM = end of month, y = the yth day of the month. This condiciton is evaluated during the invoice finalization.
Picklist values: EoM, EoM 15
Payment Due PaymentDue__c Number(3, 0) The payment due period of the invoice in days. If empty, the default value of the template or account is copied to the invoice.
Preferred Invoice Date PreferredInvoiceDate__c Date Specifies that this subscription is included in the invoice run if this date is empty or before the invoice run end date. This date is also copied as the invoice date when the invoice in finalized.
Previous Subscription PreviousSubscription__c Lookup(Subscription__c) The previous subscription. This field is populated in case of a subscription upgrade.
Price Increase Date PriceIncreaseDate__c Picklist Specifies the date ("MM-dd" or "Start Date/End Date") on which the price increase is made effective.
Picklist values: 01-01, 06-01, Start Date, End Date
Price Increase PriceIncrease__c Percent(3, 2) Specifies the percentage value by which to increase the prices of this subscription. Note that the price increase affects all items equally.
Mailing Contact PrintInvoiceContact__c Lookup(Contact) Overrides the invoice mailing contact and address as determined from a contact role.
Print Invoice PrintInvoice__c Checkbox Determines whether resulting invoices are to be printed.
Renewal Date RenewalDate__c Date Specifies the next renewal date. If the subscription is set up for automatic renewal, the date is automatically calculated like: End Date - Cancellation Terms + Grace Period. If the subscription has no end date, the field is empty.
Review Invoice ReviewInvoice__c Picklist Controls whether the invoices created from this subscription are marked for review. The picklist holds a list of review reasons.
Picklist values: Review
Start Date StartDate__c Date The start date from which this subscription is active.
Status Status__c Picklist The status of the subscription, like Draft, Active, Inactive, Canceled. Only subscriptions with the status Active are included in the invoice run.
Picklist values: Draft, Active, Inactive, Canceled
Subscription Builder Criterion SubscriptionBuilderCriterion__c Text(255) This criterion is used to match source data records to subscriptions (subscription builder). Useful for accounts which have multiple subscriptions.
Invoice Template Template__c Lookup(Template__c) The invoice template that is used to create invoices from this subscription.
Business Entity Tenant__c Text(255) Specifies a business entity defined in the custom setting "Business Entity". If set, overrides the business entity as copied from the account during the invoice run.