Tax Detail

API Name: TaxDetail__c

The tax detail object stores the individual tax information of an invoice line item for one of multiple applicable tax rates.

Label API Name Type Description
Tax Type Name Text
Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) The calculated tax amount, rounded to two decimal places.
Applied Tax Rule AppliedTaxRule__c Text(255) The tax rule identified as applicable for this detail.
Invoice Line Item InvoiceLineItem__c MasterDetail(InvoiceLineItem__c) The invoice line item related to this tax detail.
Provider Provider__c Picklist The provider that calculates the tax detail.
Picklist values: Internal
Rate Rate__c Percent(3, 5) The tax rate for this tax detail.
Tax Code TaxCode__c Text(255) The tax code of the applied tax rule.
VAT Category Code VATCategoryCode__c Text(255) Code for categorizing VAT regulations. Necessary for E-Invoices.