Tax Rules

API Name: TaxRules__c

Tax Rules to provide tax rate lookups for combinations of sender country, account country, account tax class and product tax class.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Invoice Country AccountCountry__c Text(255) Corresponds to either ShippingCountry or BillingCountry of an Account in this order
Invoice Region AccountRegion__c Text(255) Name of the Region, e.g. 'EU' or 'Non-EU'
Invoice State AccountState__c Text(255) Name of the state
Account Tax Class AccountTaxClass__c Text(255) Corresponds to the field AccountTaxClass__c on the invoice that has to be set via Account.ON_AccountTaxClass.
Product Group ProductGroup__c Text(255) Name of the matched Invoice Line Item Product Group. Multiple values as comma separated list. (max 255 characters)
Product Tax Class ProductTaxClass__c Text(255) Corresponds to the custom field TaxClass__c of a Product2, e.g. e.g. (tax)free / reduced / full / luxury
Tax Code TaxCode__c Text(255) The tax code for this rule
Tax Rate TaxRate__c Number(15, 3) The tax rate for this rule
Tenant Tenant__c Text(255)
Type Type__c Text(255) Tax rules can be partitioned by type, to support multiple tax rates (e.g. sales tax) per invoice line item. Tax rules with the same type are evaluated together and yield one tax rate.