Template Detail

API Name: TemplateDetail__c

The template detail allows to overwrite certain template fields. Template details are in a master-detail relationship to a template.

Label API Name Type Description
Template Detail Name Name Text
Balance Columns BalanceColumns__c Text(255) Defines which balance fields are to be displayed as columns in the balance table.
Balance Types BalanceTypes__c LongTextArea(32768) Defines (in JSON notation) which balance types are to be displayed on the rendered invoice together with their title text.
Counter Counter__c Text(255)
Custom CSS CustomCSS__c LongTextArea(32768) Specifies custom CSS code used to define and overrule the default layout and styling of an invoice PDF.
Display Type DisplayType__c Text(255) Specifies the type of the invoice to be printed to the PDF, like Invoice, Credit Memo, Reminder.
Email Body EmailBody__c LongTextArea(32768) Defines the plain text body for the email. Can include placeholders, and line breaks are considered.
Email HTML Body EmailHtmlBody__c Html(32768) Defines a rich HTML body text for the email. The editing area of this field includes an inline HTML editor. Note that Email Body is ignored if there is content in Email HTML Body.
Email Subject EmailSubject__c TextArea Defines the default email subject. Can include placeholders.
Info Left InfoLeft__c LongTextArea(32768) Defines the left part of the information block above the atual invoice text.
Info Right InfoRight__c LongTextArea(32768) Defines the right part of the information block above the atual invoice text.
Override Labels OverrideLabels__c LongTextArea(16384) Defines (in JSON notation) the configuration for custom label overrides.
PDF Name PdfName__c Text(255) Specifies the name pattern for the invoice PDF. Can contain placeholders.
Table Columns TableColumns__c Text(255) Defines the columns and their sequence in the invoice line item table, separated by semicolon. "n/a" indicates that the default columns are used instead of the columns as defined by the parent template.
Template Template__c MasterDetail(Template__c) Specifies the template to which this template detail relates.
Text 1 Text1__c LongTextArea(32768) Specifies a text to be rendered above the invoice line item table. Can be used, for example, to edit a letter-like text introducing the invoice that follows.
Text 2 Text2__c LongTextArea(32768) Specifies a text to be rendered below the invoice line item table, can be used, for example, to add notes or payment terms.
Text 3 Text3__c LongTextArea(32768) Specifies text to be rendered below the Text 2 block by default.