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API Name: Price__c

The price object allows to define quantity-based tiers for this item.

Label API Name Type Description
Tier Name Name AutoNumber
Commission Commission__c Percent(3, 2) The commission (percentage value) to apply to the price.
End Date EndDate__c Date Specifies the last day of the validity period of this tier.
Item Item__c MasterDetail(Item__c) Shows the item for which this tier is defined.
Price Price__c Currency(13, 5) Specifies the price to apply to quantities within the range of this tier. If left empty, the tier is not considered in the price lookup.
Quantity Quantity__c Number(13, 5) Specifies the item quantity until which the price defined in this tier is valid. If left empty, the defined tier price is valid for all quantities. Tiers are sorted by quantity with empty values last.
Split Quantity SplitQuantity__c Checkbox Specifies whether the item is to be split into a new invoice line item when it exceeds the quantity defined in this tier. Can be used for scaled prices or if you want to state a basic charge separately.
Start Date StartDate__c Date Specifies the first day of the validity period of this tier.
Target Target__c Picklist Specifies the target of this tier (Price or Commission).
Price Type Type__c Picklist Specifies the price calculation method of this item (Default or Flat).