API Name: Transaction__c

A transaction regarding a service or product billed during InvoiceRun for an Item of a Subscription. Once a Transaction is linked to an Invoice it is intrinsically billed.

Label API Name Type Description
# Name AutoNumber
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The account this transaction is linked to.
Quantity (A) AggregatedQuantity__c Number(13, 5) The quantity for all single transactions. It is set to 1, if the transaction is individually priced.
Calculated Display Quantity CalculatedDisplayQuantity__c Number(13, 5) The Display Quantity for this Transaction.
Calculated Calculated__c LongTextArea(32768) For internal use only.
Commission Tier Price CommissionTierPrice__c Currency(13, 5) The price which determines the commission tier to be selected for this item. Defaults to the unit price if left empty.
Item Criterion Criterion__c Text(255) The criterion for this transaction. Transactions with the same criteria will be aggregated.
Date Date__c DateTime The date (and time) of the transaction. The transaction is considered during an invoice run, if the date is between start end end date.
Description Description__c TextArea Overrides the item description in case of individual pricing. Can be used to provide additional information, such as a note for a time sheet transaction.
External Id ExternalId__c Text(255) The Id provided by an external system to identify the transaction.
Invoice Criterion InvoiceCriterion__c Text(255) The criterion for the invoice
Invoice Invoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) The Invoice at which this Transaction has been billed.
Is Aggregated IsAggregated__c Checkbox The aggregated fields should be used, if there are single transactions available.
Is Individually Priced IsIndividuallyPriced__c Checkbox Determines if this transaction is individually priced.
Item Item__c Lookup(Item__c) The Item with which this Transaction is billed.
Date (A) MaxDate__c MAX(TransactionDetail__c.Date__c) The maximum of all single transaction dates.
Service Period End (A) MaxServicePeriodEnd__c MAX(TransactionDetail__c.ServicePeriodEnd__c) The maximum of all single transaction service period end dates.
Service Period Start (A) MinServicePeriodStart__c MIN(TransactionDetail__c.ServicePeriodStart__c) The minimum of all single transaction service period start dates.
Price Tier Quantity PriceTierQuantity__c Number(13, 5) The quantity which determines the price tier selected for this item. Defaults to the standard quantity if left empty.
Price Price__c Currency(13, 5) It stores an individual price that has been negotiated for that specific transaction. Instead of the price which is defined with the subscription item the invoice run will use this price for billing the transaction.
Quantity Quantity__c Number(13, 5) The base quantity for the transaction.
Service Period End ServicePeriodEnd__c DateTime The end of the service period.
Service Period Start ServicePeriodStart__c DateTime The start of the service period.
Single Count SingleCount__c COUNT() The number of single transactions.
Single Individual Count SingleIndividualCount__c COUNT() The count of all individually priced single transactions.
Source Source__c Text(18) The id of the source object, which has been used by the transaction builder to create this particular transaction. The id is used to enable the reset of converted source objects.
Commission Tier Price (A) SumCommissionTierPrice__c SUM(TransactionDetail__c.CommissionTierPrice__c) The sum of all single transaction commission tier prices.
Price Tier Quantity (A) SumPriceTierQuantity__c SUM(TransactionDetail__c.PriceTierQuantity__c) The sum of all single transaction price tier quantities.
Price (A) SumPrice__c SUM(TransactionDetail__c.CalculatedPrice__c) The sum of all single transaction prices.
Sum of Quantity SumQuantity__c SUM(TransactionDetail__c.Quantity__c) The sum of all single transaction quantities.
Title Title__c Text(255) Overrides the item title in case of individual pricing.
Type Type__c Picklist The type of this transaction.
Picklist values: Default
Unit Unit__c Text(255) Unit used to override the unit at the Subscription Item in case of Individual Pricing.