Customer Notification

API Name: CustomerNotification__c

Label API Name Type Description
Customer Notification Name Name Text
Active Active__c Checkbox Specifies whether this customer notification is active
Business Process BusinessProcess__c Picklist The business process where this customer notification gets used
Picklist values: Payment Run
Distribution Channel DistributionChannel__c Picklist The distribution channel via which to send this customer notification
Picklist values: Salesforce EMail
Hidden Recipients HiddenRecipients__c LongTextArea(32768) Comma-separated list of additional hidden reciepients the customer notification gets sent to
Locale Locale__c Picklist The locale to use for formatting numbers, amounts and dates in placeholders in the summary and message fields
Picklist values: en_US, en_GB, de_DE, de_AT, de_CH, fr_FR, fr_CH
Message Message__c Html(32768) The message of the customer notification, customizable with placeholders
Notification Condition NotificationCondition__c Picklist The condition that triggers sending this customer notification
Picklist values: Payment Invitation, Payment Successful, Payout Successful, Payment: Payment Instrument Deactivated, Payout: Payment Instrument Deactivated, Payment: Entry Excluded, Payout: Entry Excluded
Sender Sender__c Picklist Specifies the sender of the customer notification
Picklist values: Auto
Summary Summary__c LongTextArea(32768) A short summary or subject of the customer notification, customizable with placeholders
Use Global EMail Signature UseGlobalEmailSignature__c Checkbox Specifies whether the global email signature should be added to the message of the customer notification. Only for distribution channel Salesforce EMail.