EBICS Bank Account Credential

API Name: EBICSBankAccountCredential__c

This object is used to determine EBICS Bank Account Credential, which are used for interactions with Banks (like Bank Statement Retrieval).

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text
Accessible IBANs AccessibleIBANs__c LongTextArea(32768)
Authentication Key AuthenticationKey__c LongTextArea(32768) The public authentication key
BIC BIC__c Text(255) The bank BIC
Bank Name BankName__c Text(255) The Bank name
EBICS Version EBICSVersion__c Text(255) The EBICS version which is used for all requests
Encryption Key EncryptionKey__c LongTextArea(32000) The public encryption key
HTD Response HTDResponse__c LongTextArea(131072) Response from the bank with all authorized service requests
Last Error LastError__c Lookup(ErrorReport__c) Last error report
Lock to Creator LocktoCreator__c Checkbox Lock access of this bank account credential to the creator. If it is not selected any other user can use or change this bank account credentials later.
Partner Id PartnerId__c Text(255) Unique identifier, provided by the bank for a specific customer
Signature Key SignatureKey__c LongTextArea(32768) The public signature key
Status Status__c Picklist The status of this bank account credentials
Picklist values: New, Keys created, Keys sent, Key exchange failed, Ini letter created, Active, Disabled, Ini letter error, Bank keys downloaded, Bank keys download failed, Bank keys validated, Activation error, Keys expired
User Id UserId__c Text(255) Unique identifier, provided by the bank for a specific user of a customer
User Name UserName__c Text(255) EBICS username, provided by the bank