API Name: Entry__c

An entry is used to hold all relevant information with regard to a certain amount of money owed to or requested by a business partner (debtor, creditor). The entry is always created from a source called statement.

Label API Name Type Description
Entry Name Name AutoNumber
Account Name AccountName__c Text(255) The name of the customer account.
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The associated account.
Outstanding Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) Outstanding amount this entry refers to. Zero if the entry is balanced.
BP Number BPNumber__c Text(255) The number of the business partner, i.e. debtor number or creditor number.
BP Type BPType__c Picklist Type of the business partner, i.e. debtor or creditor.
Picklist values: Debtor, Creditor
Business Entity BusinessEntity__c Lookup(BusinessEntity__c) The business entity this entry relates to.
Contact Contact__c Lookup(Contact) The associated contact
Credit Approval CreditApproval__c Picklist Approval processes for outgoing money transfers
Picklist values: unapproved, approved, restricted
Error Message ErrorMessage__c LongTextArea(32768) SEPA validation error messages.
Expected Amount ExpectedAmount__c SUM(EntryItem__c.ExpectedAmount__c) The aggregated currently expected amount for pending payments (sum over all entry items): positive value if it is a payout, negative value if it is a payment
Has Errors HasErrors__c Checkbox The field is checked if Entry has SEPA validation errors.
Initial Amount InitialAmount__c Currency(18, 0) The initial amount, positive value for type Debit, negative value for type Credit
Open Amount OpenAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The overall open amount. Positive value if it is a debit, negative value if it is a credit.
Payable Amount PayableAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The currently payable amount as the sum of outstanding and expected amount
Payment Date PaymentDate__c Date Date of the last payment which set the status of the entry to Balanced.
Payment Reference PaymentReference__c Text(255) Describes the purpose of a SEPA transaction (direct debit, credit transfer) or credit card statement
Requested Bank Account RequestedBankAccount__c Lookup(BankAccount__c) The bank account that should be used when creating SEPA XML Credit Transfer files (when no mandate is available).
Requested Payment Instrument RequestedPaymentInstrument__c Lookup(PaymentInstrument__c) Restricts the payment process to this particular payment instrument (e.g. credit card token, SEPA mandate). The payment instrument must be related to the selected account.
Requested Payment Method RequestedPaymentMethod__c Picklist The requested payment method indicates how the money should flow. This is not binding for the customer, but can be used to aid further business processes.
Picklist values: SEPA, Bank Transfer, Credit Card
Requested Payment Provider RequestedPaymentProvider__c Lookup(PaymentProvider__c) Restricts the payment process to this particular provider
Service Period End ServicePeriodEnd__c Date End of the effective service period for this entry.
Service Period Start ServicePeriodStart__c Date Start of the effective service period for this entry.
Settled Amount SettledAmount__c SUM(EntryItem__c.Amount__c) The currently settled amount. Positive value if it is a payout, negative value if it is a payment.
Statement Date StatementDate__c Date The effective date of the statement (e.g. invoice date).
Statement Description StatementDescription__c Text(255) Describes the original statement for a quick overview. This is treated a an internal note.
Statement Distribution URL StatementDistributionUrl__c Url Public link to the statement, usually a PDF file link
Statement ID StatementId__c Text(255) External ID of the original document
Statement No StatementNo__c Text(255) An unique number identifying the originating record. Could be an invoice number or order number.
Statement Payment Due Date StatementPaymentDueDate__c Date The payment due date of the statement (e.g. StatementDate + PaymentTerms).
Statement Type StatementType__c Picklist The statement type reflects the business process leading to this particular entry.
Picklist values: Invoice, Order, Installment, Credit, Refund
Status Status__c Picklist Indicate whether the statement refers to an open or balanced-out claim.
Picklist values: Open, Balanced
Title Title__c Text(255) Descriptive name for the entry, which can be used in communication to the customer.
Type Type__c Picklist Distinguish debit and credit entries.
Picklist values: Credit, Debit