Entry Item

API Name: EntryItem__c

The entry item is used to associate Payments with Entries. This is either achieved by direct knowledge (end-to-end-ids) or a payment matching process. Entry items are bound to change (create, split, combine, delete) as a result of business processes.

Label API Name Type Description
Entry Item Name Name AutoNumber
Assigned Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) The amount assigned with this entry item. Positive value if it is a payout, negative value if it is a payment.
Business Process BusinessProcess__c Text(255) Name of the business process that does the last changes.
Effective Amount EffectiveAmount__c Currency(16, 2) For internal use only. Sum of assigned amount and expected amount.
Entry Entry__c MasterDetail(Entry__c) The associated entry to which the amount is settled.
Expected Amount ExpectedAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The expected amount for a pending payout or payment: positive value if it is a payout, negative value if it is a payment
Payment Date PaymentDate__c Date The date, when the money transfer has taken place.
Payment Payment__c MasterDetail(Payment__c) The payment from which this entry item has been derived.
Sequence Sequence__c Number(6, 0) For internal use only. Maintained by settlement business logic.