API Name: Job__c

Mirrored job records

Label API Name Type Description
Job Name Name AutoNumber
External Process ID ExternalProcessId__c Text(255) ID of the External System Process this Job is associated with.
Job Id JobId__c Text(255) JustOn Cash Management Job Id
Messages Messages__c LongTextArea(131072) Info messages about a job, for reporting to the user.
Metadata Metadata__c LongTextArea(131072) (intermediate) result and meta information specific to job states (job-state => data).
Parameters Parameters__c LongTextArea(32768) Job parameters
State State__c Text(255) The job specific state of the fsm.
Status Status__c Text(255) The generic processing status over all states of the job.
Type Type__c Text(255) A job type consolidates different states into one business process and corresponds to a state machine.
Updated at UpdatedAt__c DateTime Last time the job was updated by JustOn system.