API Name: Payment__c

The payment is used to track the status of an exchange of money and the lifecycle of the chosen payment method.

Label API Name Type Description
Payment Name Name AutoNumber
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The account (debtor or creditor) to which the payment relates. Will be set on automatic or manual settlement.
Assigned Amount AssignedAmount2__c SUM(EntryItem__c.EffectiveAmount__c) Shows the amount assigned to one or more entries (orders, invoices, credit notes or other statements) used to settle them.
Assigned Entries Count AssignedEntriesCount__c COUNT() Shows the number of assigned Entries.
Assignment Key AssignmentKey__c Text(255) The payment assignment key is used to filter eligible payments for automatic settlement. This is relevant for prepayment or cancellation scenarios.
Available Amount AvailableAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The amount not yet assigned to entries and therefore available for settlements.
Bank Account BankAccount__c Lookup(BankAccount__c) Your organization’s bank account requested or used used for this payment.
Blocked Amount BlockedAmount__c SUM(Refund__c.OpenAmount__c) The amount blocked for refunds. It does not represent the actually refunded amount.
Business Entity BusinessEntity__c Lookup(BusinessEntity__c) The legal entity of your organization associated with this payment.
Collection Date CollectionDate__c Date The date on which the money transfer has completed.
Creditor BIC CreditorBIC__c Text(11) The original BIC of the creditor.
Creditor IBAN CreditorIBAN__c Text(34) The original IBAN of the creditor.
Creditor Name CreditorName__c Text(255) The original name of the creditor.
Debtor BIC DebtorBIC__c Text(11) The original BIC of the debtor.
Debtor IBAN DebtorIBAN__c Text(34) The original IBAN of the debtor.
Debtor Name DebtorName__c Text(255) The original name of the debtor.
Entry Entry__c Lookup(Entry__c) For payment methods initiated by the business owner (via a payment provider or via SEPA), the payment links to an entry.
Error Message ErrorMessage__c LongTextArea(32768) Error message provided by the payment provider.
Error Response ErrorResponse__c LongTextArea(32768) Raw error message provided by the payment provider. Contact support for more details about the error message.
External Id ExternalId__c Text(255) External Id that identifies this payment record
Initial Amount InitialAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The original amount of this payment. Positive for payouts and negative for payments.
Matching Date MatchingDate__c Date Date of the last settlement or matching activity (automatic or manual).
Matching Records MatchingRecords__c LongTextArea(131072) Technical list of resulting accounts and entries found by the matching process.
Matching Result MatchingResult__c Picklist The status of the settlement process. “Settled” indicates a successful settlement, other values suggest further investigation.
Picklist values: Unmatched, Account matched, Entry matched, Manually settled, Settled by Payment Id, Settled by automatic match, Payment Id matched, Unmatched, multiple results
Open Amount OpenAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The amount to be transferred. Differs from the initial amount by the blocked amount. Positive for payouts and negative for payments.
Payment Customer PaymentCustomer__c Lookup(PaymentCustomer__c) The associated payment customer used by the payment provider.
Payment ID PaymentId__c Text(255) Unique ID for keeping track of changes (like refund, chargeback).
Payment Instrument PaymentInstrument__c Lookup(PaymentInstrument__c) The payment instrument requested or used to move the money.
Payment Link Id PaymentLinkId__c Text(255) The external payment link ID. Indicates that this payment has been made through a payment link with this corresponding ID.
Payment Method PaymentMethod__c Picklist The payment method requested or used for this payment.
Picklist values: SEPA Direct Debit Core, SEPA Direct Debit B2B, SEPA Credit Transfer, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Debit (via payment provider)
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Lookup(PaymentProvider__c) The payment provider requested or used to transfer the money.
Payment Reference PaymentReference__c Text(255) Describes the purpose of the payment (in many cases, an invoice number or customer number).
Refund Count RefundCount__c COUNT() Shows the number of assigned refunds.
Refunded Amount RefundedAmount__c SUM(Refund__c.RefundedAmount__c) The amount that has actually been refunded.
Reject Reason RejectReason__c Text(255) Explains why the payment has been rejected or canceled.
Related Statements RelatedStatements__c LongTextArea(32768) The statements on which the originally related entries are based.
Collected Amount SettledAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The amount of money that has actually been transferred. Positive for outgoing payments, negative for incoming payments.
Status Details StatusDetails__c Picklist Represents the status of an ongoing chargeback procedure.
Picklist values: FirstChargeback, SecondChargeback, FirstRepresentment, SecondRepresentment, Arbitration
Status Status__c Picklist Represents the execution status of the payment. It indicates whether the money has been successfully moved or not.
Picklist values: Open, Issued, Collected, Final, Rejected, Reversed, Failed, Pending, Canceled, Refunded
Successful Refund Count SuccessfulRefundCount__c COUNT() Shows the number of successful refunds
Type Type__c Picklist Defines whether the money flow is either incoming (Payment) or outgoing (Payout).
Picklist values: Payment, Payout