Payment Instrument

API Name: PaymentInstrument__c

Payment instruments can be used to collect money from a customer. This can be a SEPA mandate or a credit card handle.

Label API Name Type Description
Payment Instrument Name Name AutoNumber
Account Holder AccountHolder__c Text(255) The name of the holder of the payment instrument (e.g. bank account or credit card).
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The associated account.
BIC BIC__c Text(11) The SWIFT BIC of the bank account.
Bank Name BankName__c Text(255) The name of the customer's bank.
Business Entity BusinessEntity__c Lookup(BusinessEntity__c) The related business entity.
Deactivation Reason DeactivationReason__c Picklist The reason why the payment instrument was deactivated.
Picklist values: Other
Direct Debit Mandate Granted DirectDebitMandateGranted__c Date The date on which the direct debit mandate has been granted.
Direct Debit Mandate Reference DirectDebitMandateReference__c Text(255) The unique, autogenerated reference number.
Direct Debit Mandate Type DirectDebitMandateType__c Picklist Type of the direct debit mandate.
Picklist values: Core, B2B
IBAN IBAN__c Text(34) International bank account number of the customer.
Is Active IsActive__c Checkbox Indicates whether the payment instrument is active, or if it has been deactivated or is expired.
Last Capture Amount LastCaptureAmount2__c Currency(16, 2) The amount that the system tried to capture.
Last Capture Is Success LastCaptureIsSuccess__c Checkbox
Last Capture Message LastCaptureMessage__c Text(255) The message as reported by the payment instrument.
Last Capture Notification LastCaptureNotification__c LongTextArea(32768) The payload used to create the notification message.
Last Capture Time LastCaptureTime__c DateTime The timestamp of the last capture regardless of success/failure.
Last Successful Capture Amount LastSuccessfulCaptureAmount2__c Currency(16, 2) The amount that the system captured successfully.
Last Successful Capture Time LastSuccessfulCaptureTime__c DateTime The timestamp of the last successful capture.
Masked PAN MaskedPAN__c Text(255) The masked account number (e.g. credit card, IBAN) as provided by the payment instrument.
Money Flow Incoming MoneyFlowIncoming__c Picklist Money flow restriction for incoming money, can be unrestricted or disallowed, default is unrestricted.
Picklist values: unrestricted, disallowed
Money Flow Outgoing MoneyFlowOutgoing__c Picklist Money flow restriction for outgoing money, can be unrestricted, refund-only or disallowed, default is unrestricted.
Picklist values: unrestricted, refund-only, disallowed
Payment Customer PaymentCustomer__c Lookup(PaymentCustomer__c) The payment customer used to create the payment instrument.
Payment Provider Is Active PaymentProviderIsActive__c Checkbox Specifies whether the related payment provider is active.
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Lookup(PaymentProvider__c) The associated payment provider
Provider-Specific Data ProviderSpecific__c LongTextArea(32768) JSON encoded values which are needed for the specific payment provider
Retry Count RetryCount__c Number(18, 0) Number of unsuccessful capture attempts.
Sequence Sequence__c Number(18, 0) This sequence number is used to order payment instruments for processing.
Type Type__c Picklist Type of this payment instrument.
Picklist values: SEPA Mandate, Bank Account, Credit Card, Online Payment
Valid Until ValidUntil__c Date The date until which the payment instrument is valid and can be captured.