Payment Provider

API Name: PaymentProvider__c

The payment provider represents organisation that accepts and proceeds payments (e.g. Stripe, Mollie, Paypal).

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text
Active Active__c Checkbox Specifies whether this payment provider is active
Business Entity BusinessEntity__c Lookup(BusinessEntity__c) Indicates the related business entity
Communication Failures CommunicationFailures__c Number(18, 0) Number of errors due to failures in communication with the payment service provider
Enable Future Payments EnableFuturePayments__c Checkbox Specifies whether future payments are enabled.
Future Payments Active FuturePaymentsActive__c Checkbox Specifies whether future payments are active by default.
Future Payments Changeable FuturePaymentsChangeable__c Checkbox Specifies whether users can activate/deactivate future payments.
Provider-Specific Data ProviderSpecific__c LongTextArea(32768) Holds various provider-specific data and settings
Deprecated SecretDataId__c Text(255)
Type Type__c Picklist Lists the names of the supported payment providers
Picklist values: Mollie, Adyen, JustonTestPayments