JustOn 2.37


We regularly deliver updates to bring new features, improvements and fixes to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. Continuous development is essential to the legally permissible operation of our e-invoicing application and makes sure that it always responds to current legal regulations about data protection or tax-relevant data. This provides for a seamless and safe operation as well as for the best possible support.

JustOn 2.37


Welcome to JustOn Release 2.37.

This page summarizes new features, notable changes and bug fixes included with this delivery. For detailed information about JustOn's features, refer to the JustOn documentation.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn Billing & Invoice Management release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.

If you bundle JustOn permission sets in permission set groups, always make sure their status is Updated. This indicates that the bundled permissions are up-to-date.


  • NEW: a feature in the Master Subscription Builder, allows to assign items to a target subscription on the account in case accounts needs to have more than one active subscription (BIL-1919)
  • NEW: a feature in the invoice run, the invoice run with all included invoices in draft status can be marked as "finalized" to prevent accidentally deleting draft invoices in case the Draft Invoice Remover process is configured (BIL-1924)
  • NEW: the Continuous Invoice Run considers now the Monthly Minimum Fee, a price based comparison of the subtotals from all included items according to a defined minimum rate (BIL-1905)
  • NEW: a new feature in the Subscription, multiple invoices per billing period will be created from one subscription based on a criteria which orders items to an invoice Aggregate Transactions by Criterion (BIL-1827)


  • Fixed: Fix tab switching on the statement run tab (BIL-1900)

JustOn 2.37.1



  • Fixed NPE during re-runs of the continuous invoice run (BIL-1947)

JustOn 2.37.2



  • Fixed an issue where invoices/credits are settled on cancelations (BIL-1949)

JustOn 2.37.3



  • Allow reparenting (Master-Detail Relationship Option) of balances to another account (BIL-2034)
  • Always reprocess invoice line items although marked as final during continuous invoice run (BIL-2036)


  • Fixed a potential NPE in LineItemMerger (IsFinal & invoice line items) (BIL-2014)
  • Fixed an issue with the clearing of invoice criterion field at the transaction in case of ingore invoice criterion is enabled (BIL-2046)
  • Fixed an issue where the custom setting "Unit" and the resulting factor was ignore during monthly minimum creation (BIL-2051)

JustOn 2.37.4



  • Fixed cancelation of invoices with large numbers of line items
  • Fixed the applicable timezone for service periods (BIL-1936)
  • Fixed performance issues for invoices with a large number of line items and the partial credit feature (BIL-2102)
  • Fixed issues for credit notes and cloned invoices of inactive users (BIL-2101)

JustOn 2.37.5



  • Fixed 'Too many SOQL queries' error for invoices with many line items (> 100) (BIL-2144)
  • Fixed: Value for Applied Tax Rule field is specified after user-triggered tax rate modification (BIL-2088)

JustOn 2.37.6



  • Fixed continuous invoice run error: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment (BIL-2165)

JustOn 2.37.7



  • Fixed tax rule error: tax rule evaluation now considers the tenant as defined in the subscription (BIL-2177)
  • Fixed tax rule error: a specified tax code value can now override a tax rule (BIL-2187)

JustOn 2.37.8



  • Fixed invoice export error: Invoices with more than 200 line items can now be exported to CSV (BIL-2204)

JustOn 2.37.9



  • Fixed invoice export with respect to installment and template handling (BIL-2214)

JustOn 2.37.10



  • Fixed invoice export error: Exported field is now updated during invoices export