JustOn 2.43


We regularly deliver updates to bring new features, improvements and fixes to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. Continuous development is essential to the legally permissible operation of our e-invoicing application and makes sure that it always responds to current legal regulations about data protection or tax-relevant data. This provides for a seamless and safe operation as well as for the best possible support.

JustOn 2.43


Welcome to JustOn Release 2.43.

This page summarizes new features, notable changes and bug fixes included with this delivery. For detailed information about JustOn's features, refer to the JustOn documentation.

Upgrading | Important Info

  • To install JustOn Release 2.43, you must enable the Salesforce feature My Domain.
  • To allow for a smooth transition to the rewritten tax support, you must delete all draft invoices before installing Release 2.43.
  • If you use the tenant configuration, make sure to add the tenant to your tax rules as well.
  • Release 2.43 does no longer create booking details by default. The booking detail creation must be enabled explicitly.
  • The following fields on the invoice line item have been marked as deprecated and can be deleted by a Salesforce admin: FactorizedUnitPrice__c, UnitPriceNet__c, UnitPriceTax__c, UnitPriceGross__c.

    UnitPriceNet can be replaced by UnitPriceCalc.

    Note that deleting fields from a managed package is only possible in Salesforce Classic.

    Make sure to adjust any custom integrations, configurations, templates, etc. that rely on these fields and check them for proper operation.

  • If upgrading from a previous version lower than JustOn 2.38, read the JustOn 2.38 release notes for advice and known upgrade issues.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn Billing & Invoice Management release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.

If you bundle JustOn permission sets in permission set groups, always make sure their status is Updated. This indicates that the bundled permissions are up-to-date.

For further information and advice, contact JustOn Support.



  • Reworked tax handling to support multiple taxes per invoice line item (BIL-867, BIL-1155, BIL-2253)
  • Reworked payment entry import: With direct debits, the payment method "Direct Debit" is now set on the balance (BIL-2288)
  • Enhanced support for Lightning UI: Unit and product group selection at the item level (BIL-2150, BIL-2218)
  • Enhanced support for Lightning UI: Components for batch progress and invoice action buttons (BIL-2148)


  • Fixed handling of formula contact fields for opportunity billing (BIL-2258)
  • Fixed invoice button visibility on cancelation invoices (BIL-2271)
  • Fixed template fallback to account for opportunity billing (BIL-2184)
  • Fixed handling for existing booking periods (BIL-2246)
  • Fixed invoice export with payment creation for users with a platform license (BIL-2255)

JustOn 2.43.1


Upgrading | Important Info

If upgrading from a previous version lower than JustOn 2.43, read the JustOn 2.43 release notes for advice and known upgrade issues.


  • Fixed tax code handling in tax service integration (BIL-1956)
  • Fixed Too many DML statements error during invoice run (BIL-2320)
  • Reworked dunning template behavior: Account-wide dunning template (BIL-2315)
  • Updated German labels and help texts