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JustOn 2.52


We regularly deliver updates to bring new features, improvements and fixes to JustOn.

JustOn 2.52


Welcome to JustOn Release 2.52.

This page summarizes new features, notable changes and bug fixes included with this delivery. For detailed information about JustOn's features, refer to the JustOn documentation.

Upgrading | Important Info

If upgrading from a previous version lower than JustOn 2.51, read the JustOn 2.51 release notes for advice and known upgrade issues.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.



  • Reworked invoice finalization: prevent duplicate cancellations from being finalized (BIL-2778)
  • Reworked history tracking for all JustOn objects (BIL-1727)


  • Fixed date handling for MRR (BIL-2794)
  • Fixed MRR handling in case of activation ad expected revenue change (BIL-2825)
  • Fixed tax delta behavior in case of multiple subtotals (BIL-2810)
  • Fixed 2.43 upgrade task regarding currency handling (BIL-2731)
  • Fixed Basware file handling in case of different users (BIL-2808)
  • Fixed tax code handling for invoice CSV export (BIL-2811)
  • Fixed balance split for draft invoices (BIL-2815)
  • Fixed field value transfer from payment entry to balance (BIL-2819)
  • Fixed split balance behavior on register payment page (BIL-2823)
  • Fixed use case conflict between generic invoice run and old subscription builder (BIL-2834)