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JustOn 2.54


We regularly deliver updates to bring new features, improvements and fixes to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. Continuous development is essential to the legally permissible operation of our e-invoicing application and makes sure that it always responds to current legal regulations about data protection or tax-relevant data. This provides for a seamless and safe operation as well as for the best possible support.

JustOn 2.54


Welcome to JustOn Release 2.54.

This page summarizes new features, notable changes and bug fixes included with this delivery. For detailed information about JustOn's features, refer to the JustOn documentation.

Upgrading | Important Info

If upgrading from a previous version lower than JustOn 2.53, read the JustOn 2.53 release notes for advice and known upgrade issues.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.




  • Fixed AvaTax integration: support multi-line address fields (BIL-2858)
  • Fixed invoice run: correct handling of subscriptions with item quantity 0 (BIL-2871)
  • Fixed booking detail export: include all booking detail types (BIL-2899)
  • Fixed payment balance assignment: use correct amount (BIL-2901)
  • Fixed precalculated tax handling: tax rate is not longer mandatory (BIL-2902)
  • Fixed permission set handling (BIL-2909)
  • Fixed ON_BillingType handling for center rules (BIL-2911)
  • Fixed invoice PDF generation: correct balance column (BIL-2914)
  • Fixed deposit/pro forma invoicing: tax details for deposit line item (BIL-2916)
  • Fixed AvaTax integration: support for empty BillingStreet or ShippingStreet (BIL-2918)