JustOn 2.58


We regularly deliver updates to bring new features, improvements and fixes to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management. Continuous development is essential to the legally permissible operation of our e-invoicing application and makes sure that it always responds to current legal regulations about data protection or tax-relevant data. This provides for a seamless and safe operation as well as for the best possible support.

JustOn 2.58


Welcome to JustOn Release 2.58.

This page summarizes new features, notable changes and bug fixes included with this delivery. For detailed information about JustOn's features, refer to the JustOn documentation.

Upgrading | Important Info

JustOn 2.57 has added support for the VAT number validation. If you upgrade JustOn from an earlier version, you are prompted to allow communication with the EU website that provides the corresponding service.

Note that by default, no data is transferred to or from this website. Before any data is transferred to or from the service, you must explicitly enable the feature for your org. For details, see Why approve third-party access on setup.

JustOn 2.56.2 has reworked the behavior of canceled subscriptions. Canceled subscriptions with an end date set now produce an invoice until the end date is reached. If you upgrade JustOn from an earlier version, you must review your canceled subscriptions after upgrading to this release.

If upgrading from a previous version lower than JustOn 2.55, read the JustOn 2.55 release notes for advice and known upgrade issues.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.




  • Fixed individual credit creation: allow large numbers of invoice line items (BIL-3121)
  • Fixed cash metrics generation: allow multiple subscriptions to be modified at the same time (BIL-3126)
  • Fixed subscription metrics generation: correct end date handling (BIL-3122)
  • Fixed subscription metrics generation: expanded time frame for end metric creation (BIL-3128)
  • Fixed tax handling for Minimum Fee invoice line items (BIL-3131)