JustOn Upgrade Guidelines

This document outlines the path organizations must take to upgrade earlier versions of JustOn to a recent release. Navigate to the version you intend to install for information about how to proceed.


Generally, JustOn recommends to delete all draft invoices before installing the new JustOn release in order to allow for a smooth transition to the new features.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.62 requires at least JustOn 2.55.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.61 has introduced the tab Balances. If you upgrade JustOn from an earlier version, you must

  • Remove any unmanaged custom object tabs for balances that you may have created manually before upgrading to JustOn 2.61,
  • Specifically allow accessing the new tab after upgrading.

JustOn 2.57 has added support for the VAT number validation. If you upgrade JustOn from an earlier version, you are prompted to allow communication with the EU website that provides the corresponding service.

Note that by default, no data is transferred to or from this website. Before any data is transferred to or from the service, you must explicitly enable the feature for your org. For details, see Why approve third-party access on setup.

JustOn 2.56.2 has reworked the behavior of canceled subscriptions. Canceled subscriptions with an end date set now produce an invoice until the end date is reached. If you upgrade JustOn from an earlier version, you must review your canceled subscriptions after upgrading to this release.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.55.1 requires at least JustOn 2.53.

If, unusually, upgrading from 2.53 to 2.55 fails stating that the component NewInvoiceFromSObject is missing a "flexipage", install JustOn 2.62 or (at least 2.60.3, which adds the missing page).

Note that in this case, you must still follow the upgrade guidelines for JustOn 2.55, as summarized below.

Upgrade Information

With JustOn 2.55, the subscription metrics behavior and generation have been reworked. Before using the new functionality:

  • If you have used subscription metrics in an earlier version, remove the creation processes and the created records, and use the new functionality to generate new subscription metric records.
  • In any case, you must delete the Type field from the Subscription Metric object to avoid Assertion Failed errors when creating metric records.

    Be aware that deleting this field requires the roll-up summary fields Monthly Recurring Revenue (ONB2__MRR__c) and Monthly Recurring Usage Revenue (ONB2__MRUR__c) to be deleted from the Subscription object first.

JustOn 2.55 has removed all payment provider integrations from the basic JustOn package, namely Paymill, Wirecard QPAY, PayPal. Refer to the JustOn Self-Service Portal for available payment provider integrations.

For details, see JustOn 2.55 Release Notes.

With JustOn 2.54, deposit billing and pro forma billing have been made available as separate features. If you have been using deposit billing as an option to pro forma billing as introduced with JustOn 2.47, you must adjust your configuration accordingly.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.53.4 requires at least JustOn 2.51.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.53 switches to Salesforce Files as the default location for storing JSON field mapping definition files for CSV export, subscription builder and generic invoice run. The configuration files are set using their (18-digit, case-safe) Salesforce record ID in the field ON_MappingId. JSON configurations saved in Documents, which are accessible via ON_MappingName, are still supported for compatibility reasons.

For details, see JustOn 2.53 Release Notes.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.51.3 requires at least JustOn 2.49.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.51 switches to Lightning Experience as the primary user interface.

JustOn 2.51 activates field history tracking for Item, PaymentEntry, Template, Transaction Detail and Transaction. If upgrading from a previous version, you may have to enable field history tracking manually for these objects for the upgrade to succeed.

JustOn 2.51 has moved the View remaining button to the Invoice Run Layout. If upgrading from a previous version, you may have to add the button manually to the layout (see Managing Pages).

For details, see JustOn 2.51 Release Notes.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.49.1 requires at least JustOn 2.43.

If, unusually, upgrading from 2.43 to 2.49 fails, there are two possible solutions:

  • If the update fails stating the error Invalid type: ContentDistribution, install JustOn 2.50. This version improves the support for Salesforce orgs with missing Content Delivery feature.

    Note that you must still file a case with Salesforce Support to request the Content Delivery feature for your org. Otherwise, JustOn will not function properly.

  • In other cases, install JustOn 2.45.3 as an intermediate version.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.49 switches to Salesforce Files as the default location for storing

  • produced invoice and dunning reminder PDF files
  • exported invoice and bookkeeping data CSV files
  • exported SEPA XML files

For accessing and using file-related JustOn features, make sure that the the Salesforce features Content Deliveries and Salesforce CRM Content are enabled.

Find the produced files on Salesforce's Files tab in the group Owned by me, if not configured otherwise (see File Distribution and Export Settings). For details, see

Make sure to adjust any custom integrations, configurations, templates, etc. that rely on the storage location for produced files and check them for proper operation.

For details, see JustOn 2.49 Release Notes.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.43.1 requires at least JustOn 2.38.

Upgrade Information

To install JustOn 2.43, you must enable the Salesforce feature My Domain.

To allow for a smooth transition to the rewritten tax support, you must delete all draft invoices before installing JustOn 2.43.

If you use the tenant configuration, make sure to add the tenant to your tax rules as well.

JustOn 2.43 does no longer create booking details by default. The booking detail creation must be enabled explicitly.

The following fields on the invoice line item have been marked as deprecated and can be deleted by a Salesforce admin:

  • UnitPriceNet__c (can be replaced by UnitPriceCalc)
  • UnitPriceTax__c
  • UnitPriceGross__c

Make sure to adjust any custom integrations, configurations, templates, etc. that rely on these fields and check them for proper operation.

For details, see JustOn 2.43 Release Notes.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.38.3 requires at least JustOn 2.26. If, unusually, upgrading from 2.26 to 2.38 fails, install JustOn 2.32.3 as an intermediate version.

Upgrade Information

With JustOn 2.38, the following business logic is no longer available via triggers.

Make sure to check any custom implementations whether they rely on these triggers. Rework your implementations as necessary to ensure correct functioning.

Business Process Removed Trigger Functionality
Create invoice Setting contact roles
Currency conversion date
Setting UUID
Finalize invoice Rendering text fields for invoice PDF incl. placeholders
Creating balances
Delete invoice Reset LastInvoiceRun on subscription
Remove balances
Create, edit, delete invoice line item Calculated invoice balance (field)
Calculating rounding-item, delta-item
Setting service period dates
Calculating and setting invoice class
Calculating sequence
Assign, delete balances Calculated invoice balance (field)
Setting and updating invoice status

With JustOn 2.38, setting the picklist field Status on an invoice to Open is no longer supported. That is, you can no longer finalize an invoice this way.

All business processes related to finalizing an invoice, like assigning an invoice number, creating the PDF, creating a balance, etc., need to be initiated via a custom action.

To this end, JustOn 2.38 introduces the button Finalize. You can add this button to the invoice layout (see Managing Buttons or Links). In addition, we recommend to set the field Status on the invoice to read-only (see Modifying Pages).

For details, see JustOn 2.38 Release Notes.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.26.2 requires at least JustOn 2.25.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.26.2 requires the Balance object (introduced with JustOn 2.25) to be available.

JustOn 2.26 deprecates and deletes the following fields in favor of new fields:

Object Deleted Fields
Invoice CreditTemplate__c
Dunning Run Template__c

Make sure to adjust your page layouts accordingly.


Upgrading to JustOn 2.25.4 requires at least JustOn 2.18.

Upgrade Information

JustOn 2.25 introduces the Balance object.

After installing JustOn 2.25.4, make sure to

  • Assign all JustOn users read/write access to the Balance object
  • Execute the balance migration job using the JustOn Upgrade page
  • Create a cancellation template detail