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CSV Upload Settings

API Name: CSVUploadSettings__mdt

Settings for Upload CSV to SObject

Label API Name Type Description
Account Field AccountField__c Text(255) Defines the target field for the session account.
Active Active__c Checkbox If checked, this setting will be used for the Upload of CVS data.
Contact Field ContactField__c Text(255) Defines the target field for the session contact.
Delimiter Delimiter__c Text(4) The delimiting character. Default is auto-detect.
Mapping Mapping__c LongTextArea(32768) Mapping from CSV to SObject in JSON format
Parse Chunk Size ParseChunkSize__c Number(18, 0) The size in bytes for each file chunk. Default 10 MB.
Target Target__c Text(255) The API name of the SObject that is targeted by this setting.
Upload Scope UploadScope__c Number(18, 0) The upload scope. Defaults to 100 records.