Global Settings

API Name: GlobalSettings__c

Define global settings for the self service extension.

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Allow partial payments AllowPartialPayments__c Checkbox Allows the customer to input a payment amount smaller than the full amount of the invoice.
Deprecated CreditTemplate__c Text(255)
Full payment amount FullPaymentAmount__c Checkbox If checked, the full payment amount is due for all types of invoices (incl. installments).
Home URL HomeURL__c Text(255) The URL where the logo and site name link to. No link will be generated, if it is empty.
Invoice Template InvoiceTemplate__c Text(255) The invoice template for new Subscriptions.
Locale Locale__c Text(10) The locale of the Site (e.g. en-US, de-DE). Used for label overrides and number/currency formatting.
Logo Name LogoName__c Text(255) The name of the logo image file. It has to be stored as a Document.
Master Item Criteria MasterItemCriteria__c Text(255) The SOQL query condition to define which items are master items.
Master Item Fields MasterItemFields__c Text(255) A comma separated list of master item fields, which should be shown on the products page. Defaults to 'ONB2__Title__c,ONB2__Description__c'.
Master Item Sort Order MasterItemOrder__c Text(255) The sort order of the master items. Defaults to the Creation Date, if empty. Accepts a valid SOQL order statement.
Password Hash Iterations PasswordHashIterations__c Number(5, 0) The number of iterations for the password hashing algorithm. Should be at least 500.
Pricebook Entry Sort Order PricebookEntryOrder__c Text(255) The sort order of the pricebook entries. Defaults to the Creation Date, if empty. Accepts a valid SOQL order statement.
Pricebook Id PricebookId__c Text(18) The Id of a Pricebook, which Entries should be available at the Products Page.
Redirect after login RedirectAfterLogin__c Text(255) The URL where the user should be redirected to after successful login.
Redirect after profile complete RedirectAfterProfileComplete__c Text(255) The page, where the user should be redirected, once the profile is complete. It is possible to use parameters e.g. /ONBSE1__Subscriptions?welcomeMessage=true
Restrict Salesforce users to local org RestrictSalesforceUsers__c Checkbox In case of Salesforce as authentication provider: Only allow users of the org where the self service is installed. Otherwise any user with a Salesforce login can register/log in.
Subscription Building SubscriptionBuilding__c Text(255) Either "New" or "Reorder": If "New" is set, then create always a new subscription for each order. "Reorder" will consider an existing subscription if available.
Deprecated UpdateableAccountFields__c Text(255)
Deprecated UpdateableContactFields__c Text(255)
Username Field UsernameField__c Text(255) The field at the Contact, which holds an optional username for password based authentication. The system will always match against the email field and the username field, if available.