Mollie Settings

API Name: MollieSettings__c

Label API Name Type Description
Name Name Text(255)
Active Active__c Checkbox If checked, this setting will be used by the payment processes.
API Key ApiKey__c Text(255) The secret API key of the test or live environment. Can be obtained from the Mollie profile (developer).
Enable Future Payments EnableFuturePayments__c Checkbox When checked, enables the future payment feature and makes the checkbox "allow for future payments" on the payment form visible.
Future Payments Active FuturePaymentsActive__c Checkbox The default value for "allow for future payments".
Future Payments Changeable FuturePaymentsChangeable__c Checkbox When checked, the customer can deactivate the checkbox "allow for future payments" on the payment form.
Profile Id ProfileId__c Text(255) The profile id of this Mollie setting.
Site Hostname SiteHostname__c Text(255) The hostname of the site. The format is like
Tenant Tenant__c Text(255) The tenant for this setting.