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How to file a support request with JustOn?

The JustOn FAQs provide short and straightforward answers to commonly asked questions with respect to the JustOn configuration and operation.

In case of further issues or requests, please file a ticket in the JustOn Support Portal.

The JustOn Support Portal is the new home for all issues and requests you raise with respect to JustOn configuration and operation, change requests, as well as licensing or legal questions.

In order for us to help you as efficiently as possible, provide the following information:

  • Expected behavior (what do you want to achieve?)
  • Current behavior (what has gone wrong?)
  • Ideally, a step-by-step instruction to reproduce the issue
  • ID of the affected org
  • Links to the affected records (invoices, invoice runs, subscriptions, templates, etc.)
  • If available, the complete error message displayed, or a screenshot that displays the error message

In order to resolve reported issues, you may have to grant login access to JustOn Support.


What file does JustOn show when prompted via View PDF?
How to control the file output?
How to specify which template to use?
Why do PDF files or emails contain garbage characters?
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How to share files with my community?
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How to display the relevant payment information next to the payment QR code?
Why do I not get a QR code image?
How to include additional characters to the field contents?


Why do PDF files or emails contain garbage characters?
How to overwrite specific template fields?
How to modify the email contents?
How to use JustOn contact roles?
How to use an organization-wide email sender address?
How to set an email recipient address without using contacts?
How to set a default BCC email address?
How to resend the invoice email?
How to bypass Salesforce's mass email limit?
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How to prevent emails sent from Salesforce being classified as spam?
How to remove from sender address?
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How to attach additional documents to invoices?