Bank Statement Item

API Name: BankStatementItem__c

A bank statement item represents a single money transfer as reported by the bank.

Label API Name Type Description
Bank Statement Item Name Name AutoNumber
Additional Information AdditionalInformation__c LongTextArea(500) Additional information as reported by the bank.
Amount Indication AmountCDI__c Picklist Credit or debit flag for absolute amount. Credit: incoming money, Debit: outgoing money.
Amount Amount__c Currency(13, 5) The absolute amount as reported by the bank.
Bank Account Name BankAccountName__c Text(255) The name of the associated bank account.
Bank Account BankAccount__c Lookup(BankAccount__c) The related bank account.
Bank Statement BankStatement__c Lookup(BankStatement__c) The related bank statement where this item has been retrieved with.
Bank Transaction Code BankTransactionCode__c Picklist The bank transaction code is a comma separated combination of Domain, Family and Subfamily for further processing.
Picklist values: N/A
Batch Message Id BatchMessageId__c Text(255) The id of the batch booking.
Batch Payment Information BatchPaymentInformation__c Text(255) The payment information in case of batch booking.
Booking Date BookingDate__c Date The date when this item was registered the first time.
Chargeback Reason ChargebackReason__c Text(255) SEPA reason code for the chargeback represented by this bank statement item.
Creditor IBAN CreditorIBAN__c Text(34) The IBAN of the creditor bank account.
Creditor Id CreditorId__c Text(255) The creditor id in case of SEPA direct debit.
Creditor Name CreditorName__c Text(255) The name of the creditor.
Cumulated Charges CumulatedCharges__c Currency(16, 2) Charges that are associated with the transaction represented by this bank statement item.
Debtor IBAN DebtorIBAN__c Text(34) The IBAN of the bank account of the debtor.
Debtor Name DebtorName__c Text(255) The name of the debtor.
End to End Id EndToEndId__c Text(255) The end to end id for this item.
From Batch FromBatch__c Checkbox Items from a batch booking will be flagged.
Full Reference FullReference__c LongTextArea(131072) The unabridged unstructured remittance information available for this bank statement item.
IBAN IBAN__c Text(30) The IBAN of the associated bank account.
Item Id ItemId__c Text(255) External Id, built from the Statement Id and the Id given from the bank system.
Mandate Reference MandateReference__c Text(255) The SEPA mandate reference.
MatchingResult MatchingResult__c Text
Payment Conversion Date PaymentConversionDate__c DateTime
Payment Conversion PaymentConversion__c Picklist
Picklist values: Ignored by Status Code, Filtered, Payment Created
Payment Payment__c Lookup(Payment__c) The payment this item refers to.
Proprietary Bank Transaction Code PropBankTransactionCode__c Text(255) Bank-specific code for the type of the transaction represented by this bank statement item.
Raw Entry RawEntry__c LongTextArea(131072) The raw contents of the Ntry XML tag for debugging purposes.
Reference Reference__c Text(255) The unstructured remittance information.
Reported Currency ReportedCurrency__c Text(3) The currency iso code as reported by the bank. Useful for single currency orgs.
Return Reason ReturnReason__c Text(255) The reason for a SEPA reject.
Status Code StatusCode__c Picklist
Picklist values: BOOK, PDNG, INFO
Value Date ValueDate__c Date The date when the value of this item is actually available.