Payment Methods and Payment Processors

JustOn Cash Management supports multiple payment methods via multiple payment processors. This listing gives an overview of the supported payment providers and the relevant payment methods.

Banks via EBICS

JustOn Cash Management directly integrates Salesforce CRM with European banks. Using the secure, EBICS-compliant connection, businesses can directly retrieve and upload relevant payment information.


All German banks that are associated with the German Banking Industry Committee (Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft/DK) support EBICS and therefore allow exchanging payment information using JustOn Cash Management.

EBICS Payment Methods

Payment Method One-Time Payment Recurring Payment Payment Refund
SEPA Direct Debit Core
SEPA Direct Debit B2B
SEPA Credit Transfer

Supported Banks

The following table lists all banks that JustOn Cash Management has successfully integrated to date.

Bank Name BIC Notes
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie eG - KD-Bank GENODED1DKD
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft (Berlin) BFSWDE33BER
Berliner Sparkasse BELADEBEXXX
Commerzbank COBADEFFXXX Requires the proprietary bank account identifier to be set in order to enable the bank data retrieval.
Credit Suisse Schweiz AG CRESCHZZ
Luzerner Kantonalbank LUKBCH2260A
Merkur Privatbank KGaA GENODEF1M06
Sparkasse Hannover SPKHDE2HXXX
Sparkasse Leipzig WELADE8LXXX
Sparkasse Mittelthüringen HELADEF1WEM
Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw PZHSDE66XXX
Sparkasse Schwaben-Bodensee BYLADEM1MLM
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf DUSSDEDDXXX
Stadtsparkasse München SSKMDEMMXXX
UniCredit Bank AG (HypoVereinsbank) Berlin HYVEDEMM488
UniCredit Bank AG (HypoVereinsbank) München HYVEDEMMXXX
Volksbank Mittlerer Neckar eG GENODES1NUE
Volksbank Thüringen Mitte GENODEF1SHL
VR-Bank Memmingen GENODEF1MM1
VR-Bank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg eG GENODEF1STH


If your bank is not available in JustOn Cash Management, file a ticket in the JustOn Support Portal, providing the following information:

This information is usually given by the bank on EBICS onboarding. In case of doubt, contact your bank to provide the relevant details.


JustOn Cash Management can integrate with Mollie as a payment provider. It uses the Mollie's hosted checkout environment, Mollie Checkout and Mollie Webhooks, to implement the payment procedure.

Mollie Checkout leverages all payment methods that you have enabled as part of your Mollie account setup. For an overview of the payment methods supported by Mollie, see Payments on the Mollie website.


JustOn Cash Management can integrate with Adyen as a payment provider. It uses the Adyen's pre-built checkout solution for websites, Web Drop-in, to implement the payment procedure in the payment page, as well as notification webhooks to receive payment status updates.

Adyen Drop-in presents all online payment methods that you have enabled as part of your Adyen account setup. For an overview of the available online payment methods, see Payment Methods on the Adyen website.